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Needing an Outlet

Things haven’t necessarily been stressful. “Crazy” is definitely a better word for how life has been lately.

Week 10 – 10 more weeks to go before we find out the gender (if I want to know).

Tomorrow night, my parents and niece arrive for a week. This will be their first visit to Minnesota to visit us since we’ve been here. It has officially been one year. Actually, on Wednesday, it will be 13 months. When my best friend, “Amber”, came out to visit, she was only here for 3.5 days, and I felt like we ran out of things to do. I’m so worried that Mom, Dad, and “Em” will get bored! But before they come out, there were some major changes that needed to take place:

  • I wanted the apartment to look it’s best – organized and tidy
  • We needed to clean house – like majorly
  • We needed somewhere for Mom & Dad to sleep

I must say, this whole ordeal was very similar to “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.”

I decided I wanted to clean out the front storage closet and make it more “user-friendly.” We have two front closets, and I wanted to clean them both out. I looked at the first, smaller closet and tried to decide what it should really be used for. At the time, it was holding a lot of my craft supplies. Since it’s next to the front door, I decided it was time to turn it into a coat closet. This meant that I had to find a home for all of the craft supplies. The only unused space in the entire apartment was under the bed. Christopher and I decided to go through the closet and get rid of anything we didn’t want or need, and put everything else under the bed. It’s amazing what can be crammed in a closet!! Everything was cleared out and stored under the bed. Everything except my sewing machine because it’s too tall. I put our most used sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets in the front closet, along with my jewelry armoire (there’s really nowhere else for it to go) and our vacuum. The top of the closet is full of games (board and card alike).

The next major task was to tackle the second, larger closet which is mostly used for storage, but had gotten out of hand. I asked Christopher to pull everything out and start to go through it while I worked on a Saturday. I came home to find he had gone through what he could and sorted what he couldn’t. We discarded very few items, but were able to donate a whole box of stuff to Goodwill. Then we bought some new Rubbermaid storage tubs to replace cardboard boxes so that everything stacked neatly. It took the majority of our Saturday, but we got through the mess and came out alive! The closet is now very accessible and very underwhelming – just the way I like things to be.

The third task I needed to do was steam clean the carpets. About two months ago, Frank was experiencing some tummy troubles (probably because he eats anything and everything) and kept throwing up. We cleaned it up right away, but there were still stains on the carpet. I decided I was tired of looking at them, plus the carpets needed to be cleaned for Mom & Dad anyways. So I got out my carpet steam cleaner and set to work. I don’t like doing it because it’s so much work, but I do love the results. I was able to clean the entire entryway, dining room, living room, and half-way up the hall before I had to stop and get ready for work. Tomorrow (during my “mega clean storm”) I’ll finish the hall and hit the bedroom. I just love how clean the carpets look – almost like brand-new carpet!

The fourth major task was finding a new home for our existing couch and buying a new one. We did a little shopping and selling – can’t have a new couch and an old couch in the same room when there IS no room! We had a couch, two ottomans (we like to lounge with our feet up!) and two stand alone chairs. Everything went up on Craigslist and it took quite a while, but we sold all but one ottoman! We bought a new couch and a cover for the remaining ottoman. This couch turns into a bed, so that’ll be perfect for either Mom & Dad or Christopher & me. The new couch is very comfy and has plenty of sitting room for everyone. Because the new couch is about 8 inches longer than our old couch, we had to shift some furniture. Shifting furniture squished some stuff and made the room anti-symmetric. If you know Christopher or I at all, then you know our love for symmetry borders on OCD! Because the room was now anti-symmetric, we had to fix it by removing old furniture and adding new furniture. It looks great now, like a real living room! I was worried for a bit because a friend of mine told me “You have a lot of ‘stuff'” but I didn’t ask her what she meant.

After this, I decided I wanted to paint the “nursery”. The “nursery” is really just a nook in the bedroom that is blocked off by a curtain and houses the crib, changing table/dresser, and Baby’s hamper. Since we’ve been living at our apartment complex for a year, we received a coupon for a carpet cleaning or a wall painted – free of charge. We chose carpet cleaning originally because it’s a lot of work and we didn’t need a wall painted at the time. I’ve since changed my mind, and the complex office was willing to work with me and my terrible demands. :) They efficiently exchanged the carpet cleaning coupon for a painted wall coupon and I chose my color: a dark grey. The painter came (two days in a row – first coat one day, second coat the second day) and did a fantastic job painting the entire nook, not just one wall.

All of this was done over the span of four-ish weeks, so we didn’t do all of this in one week/weekend. But it has still been very busy. Between working as much overtime as possible right now and planning for my family’s visit, I feel like I want to sleep for 36 hours straight.

When my parents are here, I have some things planned:

  • Wednesday 8/1: Twins vs White Sox game
  • Visit the Mall of America
  • Drive around and acquaint my family with the area
  • Go for a walk around Shady Oak Lake
  • Visit a lake or two (Harriet, most likely)
  • Visit Minnetonka Falls
  • Visit the science museum in St. Paul
  • Monday 8/6: Doctor’s appt with my baby doctor, where Mom will/should be able to hear the heartbeat (!!!!!!!)

Unfortunately, Christopher has to work everyday except for Monday 8/6, so he will only be able to join us after work. He does have a volleyball game on Thursday night at Parker’s Lake (which I’ve yet to visit since I work when he plays) so we might go watch and cheer him on.

Can you tell I’m super excited for my family visiting? I only wish my sister could come, too. But as she is pregnant as well, she can only take so much time off work before a.) the boss gets angry, and b.) she runs out of paid time off – since she’ll have to use that when she delivers (three days after I deliver!)

That place

There is a place that cannot be found on purpose. You can do your best to navigate there, but reaching the destination is not soley dependent on your decisions; you cannot get there unless someone else chooses to head there, too. And you don’t know you’re in this place until you have already walked through the archway.

This place is bright green and yellow, soothing blue and blinding white. It is silent and a complete orchestra made of brass and strings. It is calm and it is running wild.

This place is soft and high above the skyline. It stops your heart and makes you aware of each heartbeat. It is blurry and sharp, black and white and technicolor.

This place takes a lifetime to reach and and instant to enter. It spins you around until you are dizzy and forces you to focus on the tiniest details.

This place makes you smile and giggle like a silly child and plan the next 50 years.

This place floats and pulls.


I have reached that place.

On Repeat

I started writing a post about today’s “hormone storm” as I called it on Twitter.

Until I realized I already did, almost two weeks ago.

The only thing that has changed is that “Brad” was stuck in the middle of today’s storm. He weathered it pretty well, but I still feel silly and stupid that he had to see it and help talk me out of it.