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37 Week Update

All of the pregnancy “sources” out there tell you around 35 weeks or so that you won’t feel the baby’s movements as strong as they were earlier in the pregnancy because there’s less and less room.

All of the pregnancy “sources” haven’t met Miss Swann! She is still sticking to her schedule with the same intensity to her kicks and punches. “Brad” even felt her kick the other day and was surprised at how strong he felt it from the outside! As seen in my latest Bump Day pictures, Miss Swann is still up high and hanging out on my left side. Based on where the OB found her heartbeat today, I’m feeling her feet under my right ribs and her head down by my left hip, which explains the lopsided look and feel of my stomach.

I’m quite proud of my weight gain during this pregnancy: just under 20 pounds from the IVF transfer date! With 3 (or fewer) weeks to go, it looks like I’ll stay under 25 pounds. I’ve yet to see any swelling of my hands, legs or feet and I’m feeling pretty good. Definitely feeling pregnant, but not quite at that “get her OUT of me” stage.

My group B strep test results came back negative, so I shouldn’t have to worry about needing antibiotics during labor. The OB gave me my “card” to present to the hospital when I go into labor; basic information about my pregnancy progress, group B strep status and various other health stats.

So, for the “stats” on today’s OB appointment:

Station: -3
Dilation: 1cm
Effacement: 50%

Basic translation? Miss Swann is still high up (when she’s at 0 she’s ready to come out), I’ve got 9cm to go until she can make her way into the world, and my cervix is thinned out about halfway to where it should be for labor. My OB said the effacement is already at 50% because this is not my first pregnancy.

Mom, of course, is hoping Miss Swann makes her debut sometime between the 5th and the 16th: the boys arrive in town on the 4th and Mom leaves to go be with my also-very-pregnant sister on the 17th. Except for the fact that Miss Swann is still cozy up in my ribs, this may actually happen. Looks like I’ll need to add some more walking to my routine to encourage her to drop some more.

My next appointment is next Wednesday and the boys will be joining me! So excited to see them again!


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Grandpa and Em, Easter 2007

Heartbreak – Part 1

My beloved Grandpa, Ken Worden, left us today. It had been a long (to me) battle with Alzheimer’s and a short battle with an infection. I wasn’t ready. He wasn’t supposed to go first. While he had us fooled for a while with the severity of his Alzheimer’s he was never as “bad” as Grandma. I’m not ready.

This beautiful man (seriously, he was a looker!) has been such a positive influence in my life. Things were never awkward between us as I transitioned from child to teen to adult. He wasn’t just my Grandpa, he was everyone’s Grandpa; friends from school and church knew him as Grandpa and knew they could trust him with anything. His laughter, patience and indulgence in childhood wishes are an example of parenthood and grand-parenthood that anyone can look up to.

I need to write to help get my tears flowing – this whole downhill slide has prepared me for this, but it still hurts my heart – but I’m finding I don’t have the sufficient words at the moment to truly express how this man’s life has made such an impression on me and how big the hole is in my heart.

At least not in coherent sentences. But I do have individual words and phrases.



Leverite (Leave ‘er right there)

Just for the halibut

Praline ice cream

Victor Borge

Bus driver




Butt pats

Boysenberry syrup

Body surfing

Nose rings


Rock hound


Green dealer’s visor



Instant coffee

Rainbow trout



Wheel of Fortune




And there was always room for you in his lap in his recliner, no matter how big you were.


I love you Grandpa.


Not the best picture of my Grandpa, but the one I could find really fast and that stuck in my mind.

Grandpa and Em, 2004

Grandpa and Em, Easter 2007

(If any of you have any other words that describe Grandpa, please feel free to share them in comments below.)


Loves Books – Hates Endings

My daughter is in love with a 27-year-old man.

Or, at least, he would be 27 if he were real.

The summer of 2011 Em expressed interested in the Harry Potter series. As a bibliophile, I am usually very strict (for myself) on reading books before I see the movies that follow. However, since Em was only 7, I decided to show her some of the movies first. It sounds backwards, but being that Harry and his friends are British and in a world of magic that Em had never seen before, I though it best to help her understand why certain characters spoke the way they did and help her to understand some of the words that Americans don’t usually hear in day-to-day conversations. We ended up watching the first 6 movies. When she whined a bit about not seeing the last 2, I told her I wanted her to read the whole series and then we’d watch the last 2 together. Deal!

Over the past year-and-a-half we have borrowed books from friends and family to continue Em’s love affair with Harry. Then last year some relatively new friends/family gave Em the entire set in paperback as a wonderful gift!




This past Sunday night, Em finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The only reason it she didn’t finish the series sooner was because she doesn’t get points for them on her school’s reading comprehension computer program (they only have 1 of the HP books downloaded for the test), so Em had to read her beloved Harry Potter when she was between school library books. Em devours books like the rest of my family does: whenever she had a chance to pick up where she left off, she’d disappear into her room or snuggle under a blanket on the recliner and she was off in her own world. Or Hogwarts, as the case may be.

When she came out of her room Sunday to tell me she was done, she was literally dancing around the living room! She said she’d cried a little when Harry’s friends thought he was dead (seriously, if you get mad at me for spoiling that – 6 years after the final book was published – we need to rethink our relationship) and that she was upset that there aren’t more books left in the series.

We are really looking forward to watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 & Part 2 together soon. I’m glad I waited until she finished reading the series before showing her those two movies; they do not split the book exactly in half and much of the second half of the book would have been spoiled for her. And I wanted her to experience the death of Harry and the battle on her own time; let her re-read parts if she needed to rather than be forced to process them in the time the movie allows.

I’m so excited that she loved the series and I’m sure she’ll be glad to tell anyone who asks what she thought about it and her favorite parts.