25 Week Update

I’v25 week bumpe been horrible about writing about my surrogacy journey so far; my last post was almost a month ago after the gender-revealing ultrasound with “the boys” and before that my last update at 14 weeks! I haven’t updated because I feel like it’s silly to update about nothing but normal!


Things are progressing well in the pregnancy. “Miss Swann” is very active, kicking and dancing at various times of the day, most often near the end of my work day when my posture is not the best and I seem to be smushing her and after dinner when I’m sitting still and she’s enjoying the biggest meal I’ve had all day.

I had a standard blood glucose tolerance test last week that came back just fine yesterday; I don’t have gestational diabetes and I’m not anemic. I’ve been feeling great during this pregnancy, really watching what I eat. Sure, I’ve been having a few treats from the leftover Halloween candy, but so far I’ve only put on 16 pounds or so. I’ve been tracking my weight since the transfer and while I’ve gained 16 pounds, after the weight loss I had in the first trimester, I’ve only gained back 5 pounds (you can see my progress here).

I’ve had to reduce the size and increase the frequency of my meals as Miss Swann takes up more space; my eyes are bigger than my stomach and I cannot eat a “full” meal like I’m used to. So my typical day’s intake is usually a small breakfast, a Lean Cuisine lunch, 3-4 snacks, and dinner. And water. Lots and LOTS of water.

Because this baby is not mine, I still actually forget that I’m pregnant until she moves around; I’m not having to worry about baby names or nursery colors. Speaking of names, the boys are working on names, but as per a French tradition, we likely won’t know the name until she makes her debut in February.

“Em” has been able to feel Miss Swann move around quite a few times and the light in her eyes each time she feels a little bump is just precious. Unfortunately the boys didn’t get to feel her move when they were here last month, but her movements were still very sporadic. When they come back next year for the birth I’m sure they’ll each get to  feel it, too.

I have one more 4-week check-up with my OB next month, and then we’ll move to more frequent appointments, as I’ll be almost 30 weeks.

And per my surrogacy agreement, I got permission from the boys to fly to Brad’s hometown for Christmas! As long as the pregnancy continues as well as it has, I’ll have my doctor’s permission too and I’ll get to see snow on Christmas for the first time in years! I’m very excited to spend the holiday with Brad and meet his family; I was so worried I wouldn’t get to meet any of them until after the baby was born.


Thank you all for checking in with me. I’m really enjoying this journey.


OH! Pictures! If you’re not checking my Facebook Page or this blog each Wednesday, you can catch up by looking at ALL the pictures here.

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