12.05.2012 drop comparison

29 Week Update


A few changes in my pregnancy since the last update.

-Heartburn. Miss Swann apparently doesn’t like refined sugar. It doesn’t matter if it’s in my coffee, in pumpkin pie, or in a small handful of M&Ms, sugar in any quantity is giving me crazy heartburn. Luckily, a dose of calcium (oh, darn, I gotta drink more milk!) seems to make it go away. I can cope with this.

-Side-dwelling. My left side is Miss Swann’s preferred home, making my waist a bit lopsided. If you haven’t seen the bare-belly pic I took a couple weeks ago, here it is.


-Round ligament pain. I had a very minor case of pain in the early part of my 2nd trimester and it only lasted a couple of days. Yesterday I experienced a persistent ache in my lower abdomen, not contractions, not cramps, but an ache. After drinking lots of water and keeping my feet elevated, the pain went away. It seems Miss Swann has dropped a bit. Okay, “bit” may be an understatement. Check out the picture below, comparing where the center of my bump (red line) is in relation to the ridge on the closet in the background. The bump on the left is from last week; the one on the right is today’s.


All in all, things seem to be progressing very well. In the last 4 weeks (when I last blogged about my progress) I’ve exactly doubled both my weight gain and belly-inch gain. I don’t waddle yet, I haven’t had any swelling and Miss Swann is still very active, preferring nights for her time to play and stretch.

My next doctor’s appointment is this coming Tuesday and I should start seeing my OB every couple of weeks from here on out.

Don’t forget to check out my weekly bump picture!

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