32 Week Update

Things are progressing well with this surrogacy. I gained 4 pounds this past week but only an inch around my belly, so I think the weight change probably has more to do with Christmas treats than with growing baby. Miss Swann continues to keep to her “dancing” schedule: 1.5 hours after I wake up, right around noon and then full-on party mode after 9PM. And her movements are stronger every day.

The sugar-induced heartburn continues, so I keep Tums on me at all times; it’s hard to refrain from too many sugary treats this time of year, but I’m going to have to try harder if my weight gain is any indication.

At my last OB appointment I was cleared to travel over the holidays (and I received permission from the boys when they visited in October), so I flew to Indiana yesterday to spend time with “Brad” and his family. I’ve never flown while pregnant before; Miss Swann tends to move more when I’m sitting down anyway, but it seemed that almost every time I popped my ears with the pressure change, she moved around, too.

Overall I’m feeling great. As flip-flops are frowned upon in my office building, I’m having to get creative with how I put my shoes on each morning. God bless Em and her willingness to help push/pull/tug to get me dressed. :)

My next OB appointment is the day after I return from vacation and each subsequent appointment should be about every 2 weeks.

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