36 Week Update

Not a whole lot more to report on since last week.

  • Miss Swann continues to be VERY active; in theory her movements are supposed to be less and less as she grows. She’s got powerful legs which like to kick my ribs and if I’m slouching she punches me!
  • Standing for long period of time is finally exhausting, mostly for my feet. My lower back aches at the end of a long day and my abs “give up” and don’t hold Miss Swann up as much; I swear sometimes she is going to fall out!
  • I’m still gaining weight at a pretty decent pace. Last week’s gain seemed like a lot, but I lost a little this past week, so it was probably just water/normal fluctuation. Overall I’m still on target.
  • I haven’t experienced any fluid retention or swelling.

People at my office seem amazed that I plan on working until the last minute. My job is mostly sitting in a cubicle. The people I support have been taking over most of the lifting that I sometimes I have to do, so I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t work until I can’t.

There are still a few people I see somewhat regularly who seem surprised to find out I’m pregnant; I know my bump isn’t huge, but it’s not like I’ve been hiding it. Strange.

Other than the standard exhaustion that comes with growing a little human, I’m feeling good. I’m looking forward to seeing the boys in a couple of weeks.

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