A girl after all

There’s one thing guaranteed to make a self-proclaimed non-girly-girl realize just how much of a “girl” she is.

Pregnancy hormones.

Mood un-stabilizers, those pesky hormones. By themselves they can make a woman change her mind at the drop of a hat and go from happy and sane to weepy and irrational.

Add a dash of exhaustion from multiple late nights.

Stir in loneliness and a bit of social anxiety.

The final product: a crying jag. Hot, blinding tears full of foreign despair and anger, similar to the grief one feels when losing a loved one.

Lasting only a few minutes, these tears can leave a woman feeling quite silly and even more exhausted than she knew she was.

The only thing the woman can be thankful for, if she’s lucky enough, is that no one is around to witness such an embarrassing display of weakness.

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