A Health-minded Challenge


Ready for my latest “bump” picture??




It’s not pretty, but the truth rarely is.

This is me as of tonight.

Chloé has gone home. I’ve returned to work. My life is pretty much back to the way it was before.

Including my weight. Sure, the baby weight dropped off quickly (I’m quite proud to say that it was all gone 2 weeks postpartum), but what’s left is what I started with.

And I have more than I need.

I need to eat better and be more active in my daily life. Not easy to do with a 45-minute each-way commute to work, an almost-9-year-old kid with an activity calendar that is busier than my own and a general “I’m tired” attitude when I’m finally home for the day. It’s soooo easy to forget to pack my own lunch and “Oh, darn!” leave the office to buy some fast food. It’s soooo easy to just boil a pot of water and throw in some packets of ramen. It’s soooo easy to just tuck Em into bed, collapse into my recliner and turn on my laptop.

But I know how much better I feel about myself now that I’m 20 pounds lighter than I was just a little over a year ago. I’d started losing weight before the hormone shots for the surrogacy gave me even more extra padding around the middle. Knowing that tracking my food and exercise really worked last time is good motivation for how I will feel when I’m another 20 pounds lighter. But it doesn’t feel like enough motivation. I need something tangible that I will either

A) Gain if I get my butt in gear


B) Lose if I don’t get my weight into a healthy range.


Enter DietBet. A social weight-loss site that pits us against our friends in a healthy competition. The basics are this: place your bet, log your starting weight, lose 4% of your weight in 4 weeks, win the pot. If multiple people lose 4% of their weight, the winners share the pot.

For me, at my current weight, that means I have to lose 1.6 pounds per week. Not easy, but doable. I just have to eat better and exercise more. That’s a big DUH, but it’s still hard. Hence the competition.

So, starting April 15 I will be losing weight for money. I’ve created a game on DietBet and am inviting YOU to join me! The more people who play, the bigger the pot. Sure, that means more chances to split the pot, but you weren’t gonna earn that money by eating junk, were you?

I think that with DietBet and MyFitnessPal (a website/app I use to track my calorie consumption and exercise), this weight loss is a goal I can achieve.

So join my challenge! Lose 4% of your current weight! It might just be the motivation you need to start living a healthier life!

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