A Penny for My Thoughts

I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years. I started with the grand idea that I would write at least one post per week. Considering this is post #93, I think it’s safe to say that plan failed. I mostly blog for myself because it’s easier for me to put into writing what I’m feeling; if I try to speak what I’m feeling it all comes out mixed up, blubbery and my train of thought jumps so many tracks even I can’t keep up. My blog is a personal one; it’s not business related or a blog people visit to get good information about Orange County events. I don’t do very many product reviews and I don’t write about my expertise in a particular field. I write about my life and this blog is just a single mom’s attempt at staying sane in this crazy world. And being able to just write what I want is relaxing and relieving.

I had also hoped that my blog would be both an outlet for my stress and feelings as a single parent and a way for friends and family near and far to keep up with my life. But there are people I consider friends who live outside Orange County that have never read a single post (gotta love analytical plugins that track where visitors are from). To date only 1 family member has ever commented on a post. Most of my comments and visits are from people I’ve met through BlogCrush. And that’s because I now also write for Smartly. I do have a few people I actually know who read my blog regularly: a girlfriend of mine and a couple of friends from church. I know they read it because they tell me so or they “like” the posts on my blog’s Facebook page. The other person I know who reads my blog regularly is my ex-husband, though I’m certain he thinks I don’t know he checks it almost daily. Whatever.

But there are a few people I really wish would read my blog. Or my Smartly posts. Or anything I write for that matter. People close to me who know that writing means a lot to me and that I’m proud of my work. People who ask me questions on Facebook that have already been answered on my blog. But when I tell these people that I wrote a post about something, they roll their eyes. Which feels just awesome. There’s likely nothing I can do or say to make these people understand that I enjoy writing and blogging. That I’ve learned things about myself through it, that I’ve acquired new skills because of it, that I’ve made new friends.

So to my readers who do read my blog either because you enjoy it or you just read it to make me feel better: Thank you. Thank you for letting me know that there are people out in the world who care about what I have to say. Thank you for your virtual penny.

I’m glad my thoughts are worth at least that much to you.

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