A Very Happy Birthday (update)

So my birthday ended up being FABULOUS after all! My previous post seems so woe-is-me and full of drama, I’m embarrassed.

My birthday started with my daughter leaping into bed with me, tackling me with a giant bear hug and showing so much excitement, you’d think it was her birthday! After she was done smothering me, “Em” handed me my present. The present that she brought with her after visiting her dad in December. The present she’s had stashed in her room waiting for today. The present she had a hard time keeping until my birthday. I didn’t care what was in the package, I just knew that she had picked it out just for me and kept it for 3-and-a-half months and resisted the temptation to give it to me early. THAT in and of itself would have been all I needed to have a wonderful birthday. But the gift also made my day: Fern Gully on DVD! About 2 years ago we were watching Fern Gully on my folk’s TV when the power went out. We didn’t get to finish it and we forgot about it. Or at least I did. Em, it seems, kept thinking about it, because she convinced her out-of-town family to let her pick it out for me for my birthday 3 months away. WHILE she was still celebrating Christmas with them! This kid is gonna kill me with her heart.

The rest of my day went very well. I went to work as usual (yay work), but my boss took me out to lunch (I drove us there so I wouldn’t smell his cigarette-car and be tempted). The hideous project we’ve been working on was put off until tomorrow, a “gift” from my boss. Woohoo!

For dinner I got to go to one of my favorite sushi places with my daughter, my folks and two special friends! And I squealed like a little girl when I got an email telling me my parents bought me the Kindle copy of a new book by my favorite author! We finished the night off with chocolate pudding and everyone on their smartphone of choice while “shooting the breeze.”

And, of course, the LONG list of “birthday spam” on my Facebook wall is always a nice reminder of the love and friendship that surrounds me even if I don’t always see it. A very happy birthday indeed!

To top it off, I took this picture of myself yesterday. Either I’m losing some weight or I’m just finally “OK” with how I look. Regardless, I like it! (And, yes, I edited out the FABULOUS acne I have been suffering from for the last few weeks.)


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