Finally! FINALLY! I finally got the final agreement between the boys and myself! WOOHOO!! (I actually did a little dance in my cubicle when I got the email from the lawyer).

Once I sign this agreement and fax it off to the lawyers (and once the boys fax in their copy) the scheduling can begin. I’ll start to work with the doctors and agency to coordinate my womanly cycle with that of the egg donor. We’ll figure out when is the best time for her to have her eggs harvested and the best time for me to be impregnated (LOL!) and from there the doctors will decide what medications I need to be on and when to start them!

I can’t go in to the details of the agreement for confidentiality reasons, but basically I’m agreeing to give my all to this pregnancy, sign away any and all rights to the baby I’ll be carrying and agree to the medical procedures this all involves.

Very, SUPER excited to finally (yes, I’m using that word a lot today) get this process under way. Just think…if all goes well and as it should, this time next year the boys could be preparing for baby’s first Christmas!!

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