All Systems Go!

If you’re just joining me on my surrogacy journey, I recommend you start here.

Visited Dr. Singer’s office today to do blood work and an ultrasound. AND I got to see my boys!! They flew in last night and had their own blood appointments half an hour before mine!

My uterus is looking “beautiful” according to my doctor: I’ve got the coveted “triple stripe” and my lining is at 11 millimeters!


The egg donor is supposed to get her HCG shot today or tomorrow which means the egg retrieval will happen Monday or Tuesday, making my transfer on Saturday the 2nd or Sunday the 3rd!!

After tomorrow’s estradiol shot, I’ll decrease the amount back down to 2mg and either on Sunday or Monday I’ll start my daily progesterone injection at 50mg and stop my daily Lupron injection.

The boys will be making a vacation out of their trip here, so I likely won’t see them again until the transfer. And if the transfer happens on Saturday the 2nd, then we will probably all be at church together on Sunday the 3rd!

I should know more about which date the transfer will happen by this Sunday at the latest.

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