All’s Well

Took the day off from work and drove to the fertility clinic in L.A. with “Mary.”

One vial of blood was taken, testing 3 different hormone levels.

“Dr. Singer” examined my uterine lining and told me its perfect, measuring between 8.5 and 10mm.

The egg retrieval will happen on Friday, so my transfer date was moved up by a day!! I’ll have my final Lupron injection tonight, keep my Estradiol Valerate at the same level, tomorrow I start my daily Progesterone injections and on Saturday I’ll halve my Estradiol Valerate amount.

It seems that the plan will be to have “Mary” take me to L.A. next week for the transfer (as Mom will be needing to pick up “Em” from school) and she’ll drive me home so I can be on bed rest at my own place rather than in a hotel. And the timing still works as my folks will keep Em over the holiday weekend.

It’s happening! It’s really happening!!

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