April 23, 2012

WARNING: TMI and other forms of possibly embarrassing (to you) topics and words to be mentioned here. 

If you haven’t heard about my journey to be a gestational surrogate, please go here first.


It’s finally time to start again! A few weeks ago I received notice that the new Egg Donor was officially cleared. The next step was to monitor my hormone levels to determine when I ovulated and then notifying my nurse when I started my period. Ovluation happened April 3rd and my period started on April 21st.

This morning I received a call from the nurse confirming that I’d started my period. I’ll resume taking pre-natal vitamins immediately, the nurse will have birth control pills (to help regulate my hormones) sent to me to start tomorrow and Lupron (to prevent ovulation) on Friday. She also told me we should have a full calendar (meaning most-likely dates for the embryo transfer, which drugs I administer on which days and dates I’ll need to go to labs or to the doctor’s office in L.A. for blood tests and ultrasounds) in the next couple of days. I’d received a “happy birthday” text for “Em” last week from “the boys” and they mentioned that they’d soon be buying tickets to be out here at the end of May, so it seems the transfer will likely happen around then. The boys are hoping to be here for both their “contribution” and the transfer! Yay!!


Update: 12:03 PM

I told my new manger at work about this journey. I’m usually very upfront and open with my managers, and since this surrogacy journey will have me spending some time away from the office, I felt I needed to let him know what was going on. Other than having the traditional deer-in-the-headlights look, he took it well. Woohoo!

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