Bad day

Just a rant…

Since I can’t afford a house, I’ve been looking for apartments. I need to stay close to Em’s school, but I also need to be able to afford it. Everywhere I look it’s about $100 – $200 above my budget. Doesn’t seem like much, but on a single income with a kid, $200 is a lot.

I saw 2 places yesterday.

#1 Pros: within walking distance of the school, has other kids from the school, I only pay electricity, I get a parking space and a garage for storage, small complex, lowest rent I’ve found, run by a private owner. Cons: coin-operated laundry, across the street from a bar and the railroad tracks, no guest parking, no pool.

#2 Pros: nice complex, card-operated laundry, pool, nicer interior than #1, run by a “professional” management company. Cons: higher rent than I’d like, longer drive-time to get to the school, no central air, no storage, have to pay for all utilities.

I had an appointment to see another apartment today, but the person showing the apartment didn’t come back from showing an apartment to another couple until 40 after my appointment time and asked me to wait another 10-20 minutes to help someone else, and I had very bad cell signal in the entire complex. Add to that having to drive 15 minutes to get to the school on a Saturday afternoon, and it was just a bad idea all around.

This is getting ridiculous.

And all the advice I keep getting from other apartment renters and management companies is to just move out of Orange County. Yeah, thanks. That would mean changing jobs, schools and leaving behind my ENTIRE support system.


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