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This morning “Em” was dressed and ready to go to school before I’d even made my coffee. This is the norm for Em, but the past few days she’s been a bit slower than usual, not even having socks and shoes on before I’m ready to head out the door. So today she was excited to show me that she was ready to go. And she showed me that Barbie was ready to go to school, too!

Except Barbie’s boobies* were peeking out of her shirt. I told Em that Barbie was dressed inappropriately for school, pointing out that her boobies were barely covered by her shirt. Em nodded and headed back to her room. When she emerged, she’d changed Barbie’s shirt but now the shoes were inappropriate: flip flops. I asked Em if she was allowed to wear flip flops to school: no. So back to the bedroom she went.

Barbie came out in a completely different outfit! The shirt was different, still showing a bit of cleavage, and she wore high heels that looked like tennis shoes and shorts. I told Em that the shorts were perfect because they covered everything, the shirt needed to be changed again and that normally we don’t wear high heels to school, but since Barbie’s always walking on her toes, these would have to do. I then explained to Em that it’s ok to wear cute clothes to school as long as they aren’t distracting to other kids or showing body parts that should be covered.

Em nodded and walked off to put Barbie away for the morning.

Score one point for Mommy! (I think) I successfully taught my daughter how to dress for school making an example of a doll that many people think gives little girls self-image issues.

*I use correct words for anatomy with Em. However, I like to keep this blog from being marked as “for mature audiences” so I used “boobies” in this post.

2 thoughts on “Barbie the Teacher

  1. Kirsten Wright

    Love this! I think it is not only a great way to explain “appropriate” but it makes it fun and something she is willing to learn. I wish more parents realized that they need to start when they are young to teach their kids what you should and shouldn’t wear out…then maybe we wouldn’t have 14 year old’s dressing like they are going clubbing in Vegas to high school…

    Serious kudos to you! :)

    1. MomOfRose Post author

      Thank you, Kirsten. I agree that kids need to learn things early. And the key is to “talk, discuss, repeat.” The more things like this (sex and drugs and other things) are spoken about and discussed, the more they seem to stick!


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