Becoming a Foundation of the WORD

I am very fortunate to have been a member of the same congregation my entire life. As a child and youth I was very active with the choirs and groups and attended summer camp just about every year (we don’t talk about the withdrawal I went through the one summer I didn’t get to go to camp due to having a new job). I made lifelong friends, the types of friendship built on trust earned through personal and spiritual growth. As a parent, I’m glad to see that my daughter is building those friendships as well, and learning about the Bible every Sunday morning and afternoon; it made me very proud to hear her correctly answer a Final Jeopardy! question that two of the contestants missed. At the ripe old age of 6 (and a half!), she has asked questions about God, Jesus, the Bible and Christianity that my Young Adult Bible Study group is still struggling to answer. And as a “young adult,” I am very thankful for the Bible study group that meets every Sunday night at 8:30. We may always have more questions than answers, but at least we feel comfortable asking those questions. And this Sunday, we’ll be asking ourselves some deep questions, but instead of doing it at 8:30 at night in the sanctuary of our little classroom, we’ll be asking them in front of our entire congregation during our morning worship.

At 10:00 AM, Sunday, March 6, 2011, around 20 “young adults” will lead and run the entire worship service. For weeks we’ve been discussing theme, scripture, music, sermon and everything that goes into a single worship service. The lights, the audio, the serving of communion, the prayers: all done by young adults in our congregation. Our scripture from Sunday’s lectionary is Matthew 7: 21-29 . The theme, Becoming a Foundation of the WORD, touches on questions that many of the young adults in our church continually ask themselves. These questions will be asked and answered as the sermon for the worship service:

  • How do you build your faith as a young adult?
  • What are some of the challenges you face?
  • What has your experience been transitioning from youth to adult in the church?
  • How has your faith changed and why?
  • What are you doing to build the foundation of your faith?

These questions are hard for nearly everyone to answer and five brave souls (I’m one of them!) will attempt to tackle them in front of the children and adults of the church. I’m still trying to figure out the answers to the two questions I’ve chosen; I’m not telling which two I’ve picked, you’ll just have to be there to find out!!

So please join me and my congregation as we figure out what helps the young adults in our church build the foundation of their faith, and maybe you’ll figure out what your foundation is made of, too!

No compensation was received for this “advertisement” of First Christian Church of Orange’s Young Adult-led worship on March 6, 2011. My only reward is having friends attend worship to support the group of young adults and me in our faith journey.

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