Blood and Paperwork

If you haven’t heard about my journey to be a surrogate, please go here first.

It seems like time is moving v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. I was all hyped up after “meeting” “the boys” on Skype on Halloween. And then I was even MORE hyped after I got the email telling me the boys “officially” picked me as their surrogate! Then I had to wait. Then I waited a bit more.

And then more waiting (cue the lovely voice of Inigo Montoya, “I hate waiting.”)

Yesterday I had a phone call with “Dr. Sawyer,” the doctor working with the boys – there are a lot of doctors involved in all of this – and who will be my main doctor when it comes to doing the embryo transfer. We discussed my medical history, the risks involved with pregnancy and the next steps. Woohoo! Next steps!

The egg donor (ED) and I both still have to be legally covered by filling out our consent forms and then we’ll finally plan our calendar to decide when the transfer will take place. Once the date ranges are picked, the ED and I start to get our cycles in sync (embryo transfer happens 3-5 days after the eggs are harvested and inseminated).

So I received my consent forms last night and a lab order to get tested for Rubeola (Measles). I got the blood test done today and I’ve got a friend who’s a lawyer looking over the consent forms.

I’m very excited to move forward and can only hope the ED is as excited to get going as I am and submits her paperwork as quickly as she can.

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