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So Confused

While the kid’s away, the mom will play.

“Em” left for her dad’s house on Christmas afternoon. So on Sunday evening I went out with family and friends to my favorite karaoke place, Pineapple Hill Saloon & Grill; it’s always a fun time.

Sunday night was a good crowd: not too many people that you didn’t get to sing more than once every two hours, but not so empty that you sang your songs too close together. And as always there were good performers and bad performers. And some of the bad performers are not too bad and some are just down right awful.

One such not-so-bad performers was a very cute guy (I hate saying man; man sounds old) sitting at the table next to my group. He wasn’t a great singer, but he wasn’t make-your-ears-bleed bad, either. But he was quite the eye candy. After I sang my first song, my friend “Susie” told me that the cutie had been looking at me the whole time I was singing. I, of course, blushed. Then a question went around our table: was he gay or straight? The way he dressed suggested gay, but he was sitting at a table with 2 girls and another guy.

I later asked the other guy at his table if he was single: he was. I asked if he was straight and the guy gave me a blank look, like he didn’t know. One of the girls at the table told me he was straight; the other girl there was his ex. So we’ve got a straight and single guy staring at me while I sing. A straight, single, cute guy staring at me while I sing.

After I sang my second song, cutie approached me and told me I have a great voice and that I should sing “Foolish Games” by Jewel; that I had the range for it. So now straight, single, cute guy is showing me that he knows his music AND is requesting I sing a particular song. I am in heaven.

After I put my name in to sing the song, cutie’s friends told him they were ready to go. Cutie asked the KJ (karaoke jockey) if my song could be moved up the list. While waiting for my turn, I gave cutie my number and told him to call me the next time he comes to karaoke, that I should be able to sing the song with more accuracy next time. He texted me so that I would have his number as well and told me his name: “Mark.”

I totally butchered the song, not having heard it very much before, but he was kind and didn’t seem to care. He left with his friends and I left after a bit as well. On my way out the door I sent him a text, thanking him for putting up with my butchered version and that I hoped to sing with him soon. He replied that I have a great voice and he hoped next time he goes to karaoke to hear me sing I’ll know it’s because I have the vocals for the song. We told each other good night (2:00 AM texts) and he said he hoped to see me for karaoke again soon.


I sent him a text this morning, just wishing him a good morning and that I hoped he was having a good week. He hasn’t replied back yet. And so a part of me is wondering if his attention on me was only because of my singing or because of me. Not that we talked and he got to know me and like me… or that I am even close to being in his league when it comes to physical appearance. But the more I think about it, the more I think there wasn’t any flirting going on. Just compliments on my singing. So is there really anything for me to get all excited about? A guy close to my age liked my voice and requested I sing a particular song. That was it. No winking smiley faces in his texts, no “So what do you do for a living?,” no hint that he is interested in anything more than my voice. There was no real reason for me to assume that he was flirting or hitting on me. He was just admiring my voice. Should I really feel upset or deflated?

I’m just feeling so confused.

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