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My New Love

I started dancing when I was 4 or 5 years old, taking ballet and eventually tap and jazz. In junior high both of my knees “went to pot,” thus ending my dancing “career.” I picked up dance again as an elective in high school after I learned which muscles I needed to keep in top shape to prevent my knees from sliding out as much. After I graduated high school, I’d go to an enlisted club on the local Marine Corps base and line dance. Since having Em, I haven’t done much dancing. I’ve gained weight (gee, really?) and my knees and thigh muscles have become more weak. But I love dancing. I mean love dancing. I was never a “great” dancer, but I learned quickly and enjoyed it.

I bought Dance Dance Revolution for my Wii after I moved into my apartment, as my ex-sister-in-law had lost a lot of weight using that game when I lived with my now-ex-in-laws 5 years ago. I remember it being a ton of fun, and it is. But it’s not what I call “dancing.” I looked into an adult class at my daughter’s studio, but they don’t have enough people interested in it, so I’d have to pay for a private class; not in my budget.

I’d heard about Zumba maybe 2 years ago from an older friend (30 years older) and I just assumed that if she enjoyed it that much, it must just be a great workout for folks who aren’t very active but want some sort of “jazzercize” type class. I dismissed it after a split-second thought.

Oh, boy. I’d probably be close to my pre-pregnancy weight if I’d actually looked into it back then!

One of my friends recently became a certified Zumba instructor and offered a free class last Saturday. I took her up on the offer for a couple of reasons: 1) free? Heck yeah! 2) I wanted to support her.

I dug out my old Bloch jazz shoes (they still fit!) and put on some almost-too-tight exercise pants and took the plunge. Wowee!! So much fun!! It was like my old dance classes: a bit of warm up and then the high-energy stuff! The choreography wasn’t that hard for me to pick up and the Latin beats really got my heart pumping! I was able to modify a few of the steps so as not to injure my knees, and I’ll probably put on some KT Tape the next time I do it, but I was hooked! The hour flew by like nothing! And unlike working out at the gym where I am tired by the time my hour is up, I actually had more energy! I definitely broke a sweat and emptied 2 water bottles, but I had such a great time, I hardly noticed.

I went onto Zumba’s website and found a bunch of local classes at different facilities. Most classes are around $5-$10 to drop in and join for a session, and there are a TON on weeknights and weekend mornings. And there’s even a Wii game for Zumba, too!

I woke up Sunday sore and stiff and today the soreness is still present, but tolerable. I’m actually going to a class tonight that’s FREE! I can hardly wait!

If you’ve never heard of or tried Zumba and you like to dance, I highly recommend checking it out.

I’m hoping that my enthusiasm for the first class continues and I keep up with it. What an inexpensive and fun way to get back into dancing and exercise!

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