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38 Week Update

Things got crazy-busy yesterday, between attending the lottery meeting for the magnet school I’m trying to get Em into (all luck of the draw, unfortunately), my OB appointment, meeting with my boss to go over ALL my job duties folks will have to cover while I’m on maternity leave, lunch with my mom and Em and then catching up on work I missed in the morning. Add to that dinner and normal life stuff after work, I was kinda tired.

So yesterday’s post is going up today. :) But it actually starts on Saturday.


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Saturday I spent about 7 hours at Disneyland with Brad, Em, Dad, my godparents, their youngest son, his wife and their two little boys. I only went on 3 pregnancy-OK rides and made sure to sit whenever we weren’t walking to our next destination. I drank lots of water (as per my usual) and felt pretty good. Right as Brad, Em and I finished dinner I started feeling some mild contractions. VERY mild contractions. They started out at the top of my stomach, tingling like your foot does after it’s fallen asleep. Then my stomach would tighten and the tightness would move down to where I normally feel menstrual cramps. None of it was painful, but they were quite frequent. I decided to keep an eye on them while we finished up our evening. An hour-and-a-half later they hadn’t stopped but they hadn’t increased in frequency or intensity. I texted Mom and Brad, Em and I headed home.

Once home I drank more water and sat in my recliner with my feet up. Mom gave me the phone number of a church member who’s an OB nurse and suggested I check with her to see if she thought I needed to go to the hospital or not; being not quite 38 weeks, not feeling any pain, and having only been 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced just 3 days before, I was hesitant to go to the hospital just yet. After about 4 hours of contractions, Mom and I decided to head over to the hospital (a whopping 3 blocks from my house; I could have walked there faster than it took Mom to get to my house from hers). Brad stayed at my place since Em was asleep and I promised to keep him updated.

Turns out my contractions were just my body’s way of saying ENOUGH, I’m tired!! Being on my feet that long at Disneyland had caused the contractions, but hadn’t started labor. I was sent home and told that the contractions would likely stop by morning.

I woke Sunday morning feeling fine but tired after having been up until 3:00 AM. I slept through church but had a good day after I caught up on my missed sleep. My feet swelled up Sunday night so much that I couldn’t get my shoes on, but I attribute that to the salty snacks I had at the Super Bowl party we went to that afternoon. My feet returned to normal size by Monday morning. Late Sunday night I had some (Ok, a LOT) of my lovely swelling that I get when pregnant, so I took Monday off from work as the only comfortable position I could find was on my side with my hips elevated on pillows. The swelling went down just in time for me to tidy up my house to welcome the boys who’d arrived from London Monday afternoon!

My OB appointment on Wednesday was a party! Mom and the boys joined me for my check-up; I figured the more eyes and ears the better. That thinking paid off as Mom asked a question of the doctor which then got the boys thinking about other things they needed clarification on. Yay, Mom! The boys got to hear and feel Miss Swann’s heartbeat (they put their hands over the speaker on the Doppler), too!

“Stats” from yesterday’s appointment:

Station: -3
Dilation: 1cm
Effacement: 50%


Yup, no change since last week, even with my little contractions on Saturday. The doctor thinks Miss Swann will be a little less than 8 pounds at birth (Em was 8lbs 8oz, so a little smaller is ok with me) and while they won’t stop my labor if it starts before 40 weeks, they’re hoping she does go that long because that means she’s as “baked” as possible. Mom, of course, is hoping for a little earlier than 40 because she’ll be with my sister 3 days before I’m due. (Hey, sis: next time I get pregnant, don’t copy me, k? 😉 )

I gained 4 pounds this week, only 1 of which could/should be attributed to Miss Swann. I know weight fluctuates, as my chart shows, but last night I think I found the cause: edema. I lost my ankles yesterday! I’m actually surprised it took this long to happen, though I’m not happy that it did. I’ll be increasing my water intake (hard to do with how much I drink already), watch my snacks and get up to move around more often, though lately that means I’ll be moving in the direction of the ladies room; every time I stand, Miss Swann squishes my bladder and my first stop – no matter WHAT my original intention was – is the bathroom. I’ve got my feet elevated on a stool at my cubicle at work, so that’s pretty much the best I can do.


On the one hand, I can’t believe it’s been 38 weeks already. On the other hand, the boys and I have been on this journey together since October 2011 when we each said YES!! to the agency after our first Skype meeting. Tempus fugit.

37 Week Update

All of the pregnancy “sources” out there tell you around 35 weeks or so that you won’t feel the baby’s movements as strong as they were earlier in the pregnancy because there’s less and less room.

All of the pregnancy “sources” haven’t met Miss Swann! She is still sticking to her schedule with the same intensity to her kicks and punches. “Brad” even felt her kick the other day and was surprised at how strong he felt it from the outside! As seen in my latest Bump Day pictures, Miss Swann is still up high and hanging out on my left side. Based on where the OB found her heartbeat today, I’m feeling her feet under my right ribs and her head down by my left hip, which explains the lopsided look and feel of my stomach.

I’m quite proud of my weight gain during this pregnancy: just under 20 pounds from the IVF transfer date! With 3 (or fewer) weeks to go, it looks like I’ll stay under 25 pounds. I’ve yet to see any swelling of my hands, legs or feet and I’m feeling pretty good. Definitely feeling pregnant, but not quite at that “get her OUT of me” stage.

My group B strep test results came back negative, so I shouldn’t have to worry about needing antibiotics during labor. The OB gave me my “card” to present to the hospital when I go into labor; basic information about my pregnancy progress, group B strep status and various other health stats.

So, for the “stats” on today’s OB appointment:

Station: -3
Dilation: 1cm
Effacement: 50%

Basic translation? Miss Swann is still high up (when she’s at 0 she’s ready to come out), I’ve got 9cm to go until she can make her way into the world, and my cervix is thinned out about halfway to where it should be for labor. My OB said the effacement is already at 50% because this is not my first pregnancy.

Mom, of course, is hoping Miss Swann makes her debut sometime between the 5th and the 16th: the boys arrive in town on the 4th and Mom leaves to go be with my also-very-pregnant sister on the 17th. Except for the fact that Miss Swann is still cozy up in my ribs, this may actually happen. Looks like I’ll need to add some more walking to my routine to encourage her to drop some more.

My next appointment is next Wednesday and the boys will be joining me! So excited to see them again!


Be sure to check out the poll on the right side of this site: it’s time to vote on when YOU think Miss Swann will have her world premier!


36 Week Update

Not a whole lot more to report on since last week.

  • Miss Swann continues to be VERY active; in theory her movements are supposed to be less and less as she grows. She’s got powerful legs which like to kick my ribs and if I’m slouching she punches me!
  • Standing for long period of time is finally exhausting, mostly for my feet. My lower back aches at the end of a long day and my abs “give up” and don’t hold Miss Swann up as much; I swear sometimes she is going to fall out!
  • I’m still gaining weight at a pretty decent pace. Last week’s gain seemed like a lot, but I lost a little this past week, so it was probably just water/normal fluctuation. Overall I’m still on target.
  • I haven’t experienced any fluid retention or swelling.

People at my office seem amazed that I plan on working until the last minute. My job is mostly sitting in a cubicle. The people I support have been taking over most of the lifting that I sometimes I have to do, so I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t work until I can’t.

There are still a few people I see somewhat regularly who seem surprised to find out I’m pregnant; I know my bump isn’t huge, but it’s not like I’ve been hiding it. Strange.

Other than the standard exhaustion that comes with growing a little human, I’m feeling good. I’m looking forward to seeing the boys in a couple of weeks.