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Screamin’ for Screamin’

Em is officially 48 inches tall!

She’s been measuring herself on the Disney attraction height chart at my folks’ house every 2 weeks for the last 5 or 6 months. She just couldn’t wait to ride the last attraction at the Disneyland Resort that she was too short for. We measured her last week and she finally passed 48 inches! She was so excited she could hardly contain herself.

Mom and I took Em to Disney California Adventure after school today for her first ride on California Screamin’. We waited for the first car, as that had been Mom’s promise to Em: when she was tall enough they had a date for the first row togeher. She loved it! She woohood and yeahed the whole time! Then she wanted to go again! This time she had her hands up in the air the entire ride.

She made us go on the ride 3 times!

If she had her way, she’d go on it all day long! So exciting that my little girl is not so little anymore!

Em feeding the Lorikeets

Feeling Blessed

As a single parent, it’s very easy to fall prey to thoughts of self-pity and hopelessness. “Poor me, I can’t go out with my friends because I can’t afford a sitter.” “Poor me, I have to work to pay the rent, so I can’t take off a few hours to help out in my kid’s classroom.” I try to keep myself from thinking these types of thoughts and remind myself of the blessings in my life.

One such blessing is our friend “Ronnie.” Ronnie, while a staff member of a different church, is very active in the lives of the kids and youth of our church. He is a great friend of the family and loved by all. Most loved, though, by “Em.” When Em and Ronnie are together, you’d think he was 6 years old, too. They get along great together and the three of us get together often for various activities. Sometimes it’s movies, sometimes it’s Disneyland, sometimes it’s driving around town looking at Christmas lights. And sometimes it’s not us; sometimes it’s them.

Like today. Today Ronnie and Em are at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Ronnie had the day off from work and knowing that I had to be at my office and my mom was busy preparing for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Ronnie asked if he could take Em to the aquarium. Em loves animals, can hardly pry herself away from the touch tanks with the sharks and rays, and jumps at any chance she has to spend time with Ronnie.

So my blessing for today is Ronnie. God bless you.

Em’s new friend Lily

Em feeding the Lorikeets

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Disneyland has blue eggs, but why?

For a while now, I’ve noticed that in the planter between Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port and the entrance to Space Mountain, there are blue eggs, big blue eggs, poking out between the plants.

The planter starts at the back of Pizza Port and wraps up a bit into the FastPass side of the queue. They’re nice to look at, but I’m confused. Are these alien eggs? I’ve noticed them for a couple of years now, but how long have they been there?
I’ve done my share of searching on the internet, but I can’t find anyone’s explanation as to what these eggs are doing in Tomorrowland.
Do you or someone you know have any idea on the motivation behind these mysterious eggs? Or do you have a theory? I’d love to hear from anyone with any sort of clue to this mystery.