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The Last One

June 20, 2013 – I wrote this post three weeks ago. I should not have broken my promise to myself. I lost my voice, if I really ever had one to begin with. I should have never publicly posted anything; the commentators from Monday were right.

No more posts.

My public diary has contributed to the end of a relationship.

No more posts.

It’s not worth the hurt.

Thank you all for your readership and friendship. It’s been an interesting 5 years.

Just for me

This one is all mine. Public diary, yes, but some of these posts are for me to look back upon later when I need them.

Like this one

From tonight.

Happiness. Nervousness. Joy. Relief. Silliness. Awkwardness.

All of these. And none of these, as more descriptive and accurate words fail me now.

All of these words. And more.

All mine.

Thoughts – October 9, 2011

Exodus 32:1-14

Are you afraid of change? Are you so set in your ways that any change, big or small, is looked at with skepticism, with scorn? There is merit in recognizing what is working. But we should not be so stubborn that we do not see what needs to be changed.

Are your ears so closed to change that you cannot hear God telling you, “This. This is what I want you to do.”

Give thanks for what you have, what you have been able to do and be ready and willing to step into a new direction.