Champagne, Coffee and Valium

If you’re just joining me on my surrogacy journey, I recommend you start here.

Started the morning off right: breakfast at Mom & Dad’s with Em and the boys. Eggs, bacon, toast, strawberries and champagne (not for Em).

Knowing that I would need to take my Valium before we arrived at the clinic, Mom made coffee for the drive to L.A. Between the champagne and the coffee I became VERY talkative. The Valium ended up relaxing me a bit at the clinic and then I was out like a light on the way home before we even got on the freeway!

The transfer went very well. The boys AND my mom got to be in the room when the embryos were inserted via catheter. For 30 minutes after the transfer I had to lay flat on my back with pillows under my legs. Then a quick trip in a wheelchair to the car and that was it! Bed rest for 36-48 hours, no strenuous activity for 1 week, no sex for 2 weeks (I almost told the nurse to just skip that part. Ha!), and then I’ll have the BETA (blood) test on 6/14. Of course, I’ll be POAS (testing at home) everyday starting Friday or Saturday, but it doesn’t “count” until the BETA shows hCG levels of 200 or higher.

So for now I’m hanging with the boys and Mom at Mom and Dad’s house. Em and I will be staying here for the night and one of my parents will take Em to school tomorrow morning. More relaxing with my feet up tomorrow, then back to normal tomorrow afternoon/evening.

Meds continue as usual until we know the results of the BETA test.

And just in case anyone asks: the boys will know the results of my home tests before I tell anyone else. Y’all get to struggle with patience like I do!

Update on 6/4:

Dr. Singer’s office called and said my hormone levels are good: progesterone is at 42.4 and estrogen is at 444, which the nurse said is excellent. So, I suppose the only thing I can do is hope that these embryos stick!

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  1. Janae

    Sticky sticky!! I see two major things that stick out to me in this post… one is your beta is on my surro triplets 2nd birthday so yay! The 2nd is your levels being 444… that is the sign that means thousands of angels are surrounding you. LOVE it!
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