Commercial Christmas vs. Religious Christmas

Just a little rant here…

“So let’s give thanks to the Lord above cause Santa Claus comes tonight.”

Um… What does God have to do with Santa bringing presents on Christmas Eve? Gifts on Christmas Eve is not mandated in the Bible. The wisepeople brought gifts, but not on Christmas Eve – they arrived weeks after Jesus was born. And I’m fairly certain the wisepeople didn’t look like Santa, considering they were of Orient descent and rode camels, thus not likely to be, um, portly.

1. a coming into place, view, or being; arrival
2. (usually intial capital letter) the coming of Christ into the world
3. (initial capital letter) the period beginning four Sundays before Christmas, observed in the commemoration of the coming Christ into the world
4. (usually intial capital letter) Second Coming

Ok, so 3 out of 4 of the definitions of advent refer to Christ. If you asked a person totally unfamiliar with Christianity to define advent, they wouldn’t likely be able to do so because it’s not used in everyday English.

The word “Advent” is used 99% of the time to refer to Christ and the anticipation of Christmas. However, it’s being used to describe waiting for the day to open presents as fast as possible, stuff ourselves full of turkey and watch a parade that was recorded at a far-away theme park 4 weeks ago. It bothers me that folks make Advent calendars that have nothing to do with Christ. A picture of Santa Claus and little toys you pin up around the picture?!? Granted there ARE Advent calendars available for purchase that actually have meaning, some even with a Nativity scene, but they are usually twice the price as the ones with Santa or with boxes that can hold gifts. Wait, so now I have to put little gifts in 24 boxes AND buy presents for my daughter? What happened to the 12 days of Christmas (which, by the way, start on Christmas)?

I’m not totally denouncing Commercial Christmas – I’m just saying that we need to stop blurring the line so much between Commercial and Religious.

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