Counting is Wonderful

Apparently I’m bad with math…that must be the only explanation.

Ex-husband, “Jake,” left his house at 6:30 PM Saturday evening to drive down here to pick up our daughter for his summer vistation, and made it into Orange County a little after 2:00 PM. That’s 19.5 hours; reasonable considering he said he only stopped to get gas and napped for an hour in Redding. He got to see the second half of Em’s recital and went to dinner with my family. He left with my daughter for San Marcos to stay at a mutual friend’s house for the night before driving back to his house 1000+ miles away. That was around 7:45 PM or so.

Last night I got a voicemail (stupid spotty cell signal in Tomorrowland!) from my daughter saying they had made it home safely and that she loved me.

That was at 8:26 PM.

8:00 PM is 20:00 hours. Minus 19 hours…

That’s 1:00 AM for your departure time. But that would be from my house. San Marcos is about an hour from my house, if you don’t hit traffic. So he left my house at 7:45 PM. Which means he got to our friend’s house around 8:45 – 9:00 PM. To get to his own house at 8:26 PM he would have had to leave our friend’s house at midnight. So he got only 3 hours of sleep. Which means 4 hours of sleep in the last 50 hours.

That can’t be right…

He wouldn’t have been driving with my daughter for that long with that little amount of sleep…

I must be doing the math wrong…

Update: I got to talk to my daughter today. When I asked if she had fun at our friend’s house, she said they never went; “Jake” just started driving back to his house. So he made the 1000+ mile drive in a little over 24 hours, with a couple of “rest” stops. That makes me feel a little bit better, although I don’t like that as he was packing Em into his car Sunday night, he assured me they’d be at our friend’s house for the night. To my face, in front of my parents and my sister and her husband he kept saying he’d be driving to the friend’s house. Instead he drove away lying to me and driving on virtually no sleep until their first stop in Sacramento. I understand wanting to get home in a reasonable amount of time, but why turn down the opportunity to get some decent sleep in favor of possibly falling asleep on the road with your daughter in the backseat? Brilliance.

And I’m not sure what angers me more: the fact that he lied to me again, or that I totally fell for it again.

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