It’s Friday. Normally I’d be posting a Good Morning Music post sharing my new favorite songs to wake you up and get you moving. It’s been two weeks since the last one, and I do have a TON of songs I want to share. But it’s been a bit crazy.

First my computer gave me the blue screen of death on Easter. And on Easter I learned that a friend of mine had passed away from cancer.

I got my computer back last Sunday thanks to a fabulous friend who restored it for me. I’ve been slowly getting my laptop back to where I want it and I was lucky that all of my music, photos and financial data were stored on external hard drives. Whew!

But these past two weeks have both passed quickly and slowly. I’ve been helping the family of my friend who died get a webcast ready for Saturday’s memorial service. My friend was only 21 and in college, so a lot of his friends are also away at college and unable to attend the service in person. Plus we have a lot of church members who live out of state. So the webcast will give them a chance to “be there” even though they can’t make it to our church.

Add to that the fact that “Em” and I are both getting up 45 minutes earlier in the mornings since my hours at the office changed and I have to take her to a classmate’s house before I start my commute. We’re both exhausted at the end of the day.

And I have pictures from our church’s Variety Show and Easter Egg Hunt that are still on my camera, unedited of course.

And I have to find a devotion to read aloud at next Monday’s Leadership meeting. And make/buy cookies for Saturday’s service. And do laundry and house cleaning tonight.

Ugh. Crazyness. What’s new? I hope to have Good Morning Music back by next Friday.

**Yes, I know I spelled Crazyness incorrectly. I did it on purpose. Deal with it.**

In related news, if you want to watch the memorial service on Saturday you have two options:

1) go to my channel on where there is a chat-feature we’re hoping will be used for people to type a story they remember about my friend and we’ll either read them aloud or compile them to give to his family.

2) watch it here live starting at 2:30 PM PDT.

Watch live video from mstillson on

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