DietBet – Week 1, Day 3

Day 3. I’ve been eating my fruits and veggies, taking my vitamins, eating my protein. I’ve been walking at least twice a day at work and alternating cardio and strength exercises. And it’s working so far.

It looks like I’ve lost that weight gain from Saturday; I’m fairly certain it was retained water, because NO ONE except a new gastric bypass patient or a woman who just delivered a baby should lose 4 pounds in 3 days. That would mean a calorie deficit of more than 4500 calories PER DAY (which I’m not doing, by the way)! And I’ve been eating. Trust me! I’m actually not really all that hungry during the day, mostly because I’m eating all day long. An example of my food intake:

06:30 AM – 6 oz unsweetened cranberry “soda” (cranberry juice that’s been carbonated with my SodaStream to make it easier to drink) & 2 oz smoked salmon
08:15 AM – 24 almonds
10:45 AM – 1 avocado
12:30 PM  – 1 hard boiled egg
01:30 PM – 1 cup red grapes
02:45 PM – 1 banana
04:15 PM – 1 cup strawberries
07:15 PM  – whatever the HECK I want for dinner cuz I’ve got anywhere from 600-800 calories left after all that and my workouts! Just kidding. I’m watching what I eat at dinner, too, not just junking it up.

I’m trying to consume a net amount of 1400 or so calories each day, which is around the same amount of calories my body needs just to function at a basic level. I’m eating more than that, I’m just burning enough calories to have my “net” be around that number. Except yesterday. Yesterday I just wasn’t hungry enough to eat back all of my calories. I ended up with a net of less than 1000 calories – and that was after having milk with my dinner (I’d had enough water) AND having Robin Eggs for dessert (those malt balls you get at Easter)! Not good on a regular basis, so I’ll try to eat more today. Some studies show that having alternating “no eat” days can help with weight loss: really low caloric intake one day, normal calories the next. I’m not sure I can do that, but I will definitely try to keep my low intake days to a minimum.



Weigh-in weight: 168.8 lbs
Current weight: 168.2 lbs
% gained or lost: -0.1%
Time spent exercising: 236 minutes


Monday I walked for a total of 43 minutes and rode my bike for 10. I’d hoped to get a longer ride on my bike, but having just picked it up the day before, I needed to adjust the seat and handlebars (which I hope to NEVER have to do again).

As it turns out, I’ve become somewhat afraid of riding my bike on a major street. I rode my bike to school for 4 years, 2 in middle school and 2 in high school. I took a variety of streets to get to my school and back. And I don’t remember having a fear of the road. But I do now. Perhaps it’s just been a long time and I’m rusty. Maybe it’s because I’m a mom and I’m older and I know how stupid some motorists can be. I know bikes are supposed to be in the road, but I’m kinda thinking I’m liking the sidewalk right now. But I’m hoping that will fade away as fast as the fat on my stomach! I’ve got new motivation to ride: I ordered a special case for my phone that attaches to my handlebars! That way I can use Endomondo – the app I use to track all my walks and other exercises – to track my ride!

And soon I’ll get to add another incentive to my weeks: Zumba! A girlfriend of mine is an instructor and we’re going to get together on my cardio days (when Em has gym) and Zumba together! I’ve had Zumba classes burn 700 calories before! That’s one heck of a dinner I’m earning. :)

Yesterday Em and I worked out to Jillian Michaels’ “Ripped in 30” DVD, a combo of strength, cardio and abs for 30 minutes. With the exception of two moves that I cannot do due to my lovely knee issues, I love this DVD. It kicks my butt, no doubt about that, but it’s still enjoyable to a degree. I’m feeling some soreness in my upper back and my hamstrings.

The DietBet challenge is going well: 7 people have already logged some loss! I decided that I want to keep my motivation going more than just 4 weeks, so I joined another challenge that starts next week! I’ll weigh-in this weekend and just keep doing what I’ve been doing for an extra week!

I’m seeing some bumps in the road ahead. Em and I are attending a birthday party for a 7yo on Saturday. Brad, Em and I are going to an Angels’ game on Sunday. My grandfather’s memorial service (with reception to follow) is next Saturday… It’s going to be difficult to stay under my calorie goals, let alone track the actual calories I’ll be consuming. I’ll just need to make sure that I’m staying true to my diet during the week to compensate for any mistakes I might make over the weekend.

But right now I’m feeling good. I’m going to bed on time, so I’m sleeping an average of 7+ hours each night. Today I didn’t even snooze my alarms (yes, multiple alarms). My energy is draining a bit by late afternoon, which is part of the reason why I didn’t do my third walk yesterday. I may need to re-arrange what I eat when during the day.

Speaking of which: it’s lunchtime!

One thought on “DietBet – Week 1, Day 3

  1. Simon

    I admire what you are doing. I tried keeping to the fruits and veggies for a while and got some good results, but as soon as I went back to the junk – BAM, it all came back on in no time (isn’t it always the way !). I also went vegetarian for a month and lost some weight, but not as much as I expected. But I did feel better though, an much clearer mentally. I am even considering becoming a full-time vegetarian.


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