DietBet – Week 1, Day 1

It has begun.

My DietBet challenge is under way! With 18 players at the time of this post, the winnings are now worth $450!! I was explaining to Em this weekend how it all works and she told me that she wants me to win, but she wants everyone to win, too! Isn’t that the point? Wouldn’t it be great if we all got our $25 bet back at the end of 4 weeks??

Of course, my week is starting with increased difficulty as I went to Disneyland on Saturday with Em, Brad and a friend of Brad’s from back home. It is entirely possible for one to find and eat healthy food at Disneyland. Doesn’t mean I am capable of keeping control of my willpower! I stepped on the scale Sunday morning and was up 4 pounds from the game-starting weigh-in I submitted Saturday morning! As of this morning I’ve lost 1 of those extra pounds, so I’m hoping it is just water retention and I can still lose my original 4%.

DietBet is a social game, so I can post updates on the challenge and cheer on the other players, but I think I want to hold myself accountable here as well.


Weigh-in weight: 168.8 lbs
Current weight: 171.8 lbs
% gained or lost: +2%
Time spent exercising: 0 minutes

My goal is to walk 2-3 times at work (difficult sometimes even though I am “required” to take breaks) for about 14 minutes each time. Then I’m going to do cardio on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, probably Zumba on my Wii or riding my new bicycle; Em is at gymnastics for another hour after I get home, so I have plenty of time. Tuesday and Thursday after I pick up Em from my parents’ house, I’ll do a Jillian Michaels DVD that combines cardio with strength training. That is my hope, at least. In the past I’ve quickly slipped into “Oh, I’ll just do it tomorrow, I’m tired tonight.” If I can stick to this regimen, I’ll get a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise in each day.

I’ve purchased the foods I want to eat that will help me lose the weight quickly yet healthily:

  • Daily multi-vitamin with calcium, vitamin D and other essentials. I’m trying to cut back on my milk consumption (even though it’s good for you and I only drink non-fat), but if I can get my nutrients without the calories, then I can save those calories for something else.
  • Hard-boiled eggs for protein to help prevent muscle loss while I’m cutting back.
  • Omega-3 & omega-6 pills and smoked salmon (also good for the vitamin D) for a multitude of benefits including keeping my mood up so I’m more likely to do my exercises instead of putting them off.
  • Avocados, olive oil (which I’ve cooked with for a long time) and almonds for blood sugar stabilization and appetite reduction. I’m still getting used to the taste of almonds.
  • Green tea for an alternative to water when I’ve reached my water intake goal for the day, to help lower my cholesterol and to help boost my metabolism
  • Red grapes for the wonderful resveratrol that can help boost metabolism and maybe slow down or prevent the growth of fat cells
  • Various fruits and veggies for fiber and healthy snacking

I’ve been cooking with brown rice and brown rice pastas for a while so I’m not needing to worry too much about changing my starch intake. I also purchased quinoa for the many nutrients it has, though I’m still getting used to its texture.

If you’re interested in joining my DietBet game, please follow this link. There’s still time to weigh-in and have a chance to win that big pot o’ money!

I’m very excited and hopeful for the next 4 weeks. I’m hoping that with this DietBet, MyFitnessPal for calorie counting and exercise, I can finally get down to a weight more healthy for me.



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