DietBet – Week 2, Day 1

Once. Twice. Three times a loser.

I can’t seem to lose weight. Every day I step on my scale and I see a small (sometimes not-so-small) gain. Weight loss is a process, a marathon. It can take a long time to see the results of hard work.

For the most part, this last week went very well. I stuck to my “diet” (I hate that word) and only ate the number of calories I was supposed to. I averaged 1400 calories a day after eating and exercise.

And yet…

I now weigh 3 pounds more than I did at the start of this challenge.

I can only assume that it’s because muscles weighs more than fat and that I’m building muscle. I assume this because I’ve lost nearly 5 inches from around my body: 1 inch off my hips, 1 inch off my waist and 1 inch off my calves, among other body parts one measures to track weight loss.


Weigh-in weight: 168.8 lbs
Current weight: 171.8 lbs
% weight gained or lost: +1.7%
Inches lost: 4.8
Time spent exercising: 440 minutes

I know in the long run I’m going to be closer to a healthy weight, but in the short-term, I’m losing my DietBet. We’ve got 18 players in the game and on average folks have lost 2 pounds so far. And I’ve gained 3.

This weekend was a mess. Thursday was Em’s birthday, so I worked a half-day and took her to Disneyland. We were on our feet for the majority of our 2 hours there, but walked at the normal tourist snail-pace. Not much for exercise there. I did manage to eat well at dinner that night, however, choosing salmon on spinach over all the other fried/greasy/saucy foods that Southern restaurants have to offer. Friday I went to my girlfriend’s place for some Zumba (she’s an instructor), so I got one-on-one exercise and girlfriend time. So not really that bad.

Saturday is where it started heading downhill. A four-hour birthday party for a 7-year-old: hamburgers, hotdogs, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, 5-layer dip, popcorn… There was a bowl of fruit salad and a veggie tray, but after 4 hours, there’s only so many grapes and carrots you can eat before your stomach starts to eat itself for substance. I caved and near the end of the party I had some macaroni and cheese. But I drank a lot of water and skipped out on the variety of beers available. And I did NOT have cake! I ended up not having dinner, thought – both Em and I were still not hungry by the time we were each ready for bed.

Sunday was even worse: four-hour baseball game. I knew the chances of having healthy food at a ballpark were slim-to-none, so I kinda gave up before I began. Lunch was a hotdog with ketchup and relish, popcorn and a root beer. Then Brad brought me a rum and coke. Then I went and got a Mike’s Hard Lemonade and chicken tenders. To make matters worse, we were all so exhausted from being out in the sun all day (amazing how not enough sun makes us tired, but you can almost OD on it, too) I didn’t have the energy to cook. So I ordered pizza. With WHITE sauce! Oy! Add to that a whipped root beer (root beer with whipped cream-flavored vodka) and I had completely sabotaged my diet in one fell swoop!

So, here I stand 3 pounds heavier and discouraged. Week 1 started off great but ended in disaster. I’ve got Zumba with my girlfriend tonight, strength training (Jillian Michael’s DVD) tomorrow, in theory cardio again on Wednesday (but in reality I need to go grocery shopping and my weekend is not allowing that), strength training on Thursday… and no workouts until the following Monday due to my schedule.

Why? WHY did I start a DietBet right now? Oy.

3 thoughts on “DietBet – Week 2, Day 1

  1. Mom

    If what you wrote about eating is honest – and I believe it is – then what you’re probably seeing today on the scale is water weight. You’ve had an incredible amount of salty food over the weekend, and not enough water (alcohol at the game doesn’t count), so you’re body is probably retaining water. See what the scale says on Wednesday or Thursday, after you’re re-hydrated.

  2. Nicole

    Don’t be discouraged!! Stress about losing weight can counteract the actual weight loss. Keep trying, keep making healthy decisions, and keep exercising. I have faith in you – YOU CAN DO THIS!!

  3. Megan Rolph

    Although you might feel defeated and discouraged at the end of week 1, it sounds like you might have started the DietBet at just the right time. If you had started it during a time when fitting dieting and exercising were easy, you might stumble later on after the DietBet is over. Having these roadblocks and challenges will be an every day battle. This is a great time to train yourself to handle and manipulate situations that will always come up. You can do it!!!


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