DietBet – Week 2, Day 3

Feeling discouraged today. I did my Jillian Michaels “Ripped in 30” workout yesterday and tried my best to do the “running man” and “butt kicks” exercises. And now I’m paying for it in my knees. That plus today’s lovely weather, my knees are NOT happy with me. Next on the list is grocery shopping after work, so no heart-racing cardio for me. THEN I’m going out to dinner with my family because my mom’s older brother and his wife are in town. So no exercise plus my normal work snack/meals leaves me with 506 calories for dinner. No bueno.

This weekend will prove challenging as well. Theater tickets Friday night means no cardio workout after work; I’m hoping to at least get my walks in on my breaks and lunch to makeup for it. Saturday is my grandfather’s memorial service with reception to follow. Not sure what will be available for snacking, so I might have to bring something with me, as tacky as that is. Sunday night is a potluck with comfort food, so I’m bringing some sort of salad that I can eat. And with Brad in town this weekend and church things on Sunday, I’m not sure I’ll get in a decent workout.

On the positive side, I’m finally losing weight. I’m not down below my starting weight for the DietBet game I created, but I am below my starting weight on another game I joined that started this week!



Weigh-in weight: 168.8 lbs/170.2
Current weight: 169.4 lbs
% weight gained or lost: +0.3%/-0.4%
Inches lost: 5.8
Time spent exercising: 517 minutes


I may need to skip strength training tomorrow and just do cardio, though I’ll have to see how my knees are feeling. Next week my Zumba days with my girlfriend will be Monday and Friday, and except for occasional things like church board meetings and Friday nights out, we should be able to stick to that schedule.

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