3 weeks 4 sides

DietBet – Week 2, Day 5

My first DietBet challenge is almost halfway done. The second weekend (and to me the most challenging part) is upon me and I’m not sure my food choices will be any better than what I did last week. But I can try.

Tonight is sushi (if traffic is kind) and theater with Brad and Em. I’ve been walking on my breaks at work to get in a small amount of cardio. Tomorrow is my grandfather’s service and family hangout time. I might have time for a bike ride in the late afternoon. Sunday is church and a potluck, so again, I might have time for a bike ride in the afternoon.

I didn’t exercise yesterday as I dawdled at my folks’ house when I picked up Em. My fault, but I made sure to really watch what I ate for dinner and I came in just slightly under my daily caloric intake goal! And guess what?!?

I’ve finally seen some weight loss! When I stepped on the scale this morning I squealed!



Weigh-in weight: 168.8 lbs/170.2
Current weight: 168.2 lbs
% weight gained or lost: -0.36%/-1.18%
Inches lost: 6.75
Time spent exercising: 542 minutes


I’m anxious to actually SEE my results, either on the scale or in the fit of my clothing. But until then, some motivating pictures.

April 2 was right before I went to Vegas (where I ate a “bit” more than I should have), so from then until April 15 I’d put on some weight.

 3 weeks 4 Fronts 


3 weeks 4 sides


I am seeing a definite change in my stomach. The bulge where Miss Swann liked to hang out is returning to normal shape and my “mommy jell-o” below my belly button is shrinking! At first glance it seemed I was losing definition of my abs, but then I remembered that my abs are hiding! I’m losing definition of my FAT! So there aren’t defined “curves” just yet, and the fat is definitely burning away!

I’m fairly certain I will not win the challenge I created, but in my other game I’m only 4 days in and I’m doing great! Just got to keep working exercise into my days if it looks like I won’t have time and keep my eye on my caloric intake.

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