04-02 and 05-07 front comparison

DietBet – Week 4, Day 3

“You have 5 days to lose 6 pounds.”


Those are some sad words. Right at the top of my DietBet page is a reminder of how much weight I need to lose. To do that would be impossible, 1.2 pounds per day.

So I lose. At least, I’ll lose my challenge. But I joined yet another challenge this week. I don’t want to give up after 4 weeks of my challenge, I want to keep my motivation going. And if placing a bet helps, then so be it. The goal is to lose 4% of my weigh-in weight by the end of 4 weeks. At least one of my challenges is on track.  


Current weight: 169.4 lbs
Time spent exercising: 904 minutes 

 DietBet 1DietBet 2DietBet 3DietBet 4
Weigh-in weight168.8170.2172.4168.6
% gained or lost+0.36%-0.47%-1.74%+0.47%


-2 inches-2.75 inches-1.9 inches-1.2 inches-0.4 inches-0.1 inches-0.5 inches


 This week I learned about TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) and discovered something: I’ve been eating too little! I’d been basing my calorie deficit on my BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) – how many calories it takes to sustain my body at the bare minimum (essentially if I were bed-ridden) – and was aiming for 300 calories less than that. But the problem with that calculation is that I’m more active than that. Even if I don’t exercise purposefully, I burn more calories. TDEE calculations estimate day-to-day burn and most experts suggest a 20% deficit to lose weight.

So I did the math. That 80% remainder is nearly 600 calories more than I’ve been eating! Some claim that “starvation mode” kicks in when you eat too few calories, but knowing people who’ve had lap-band or gastric bypass surgery I can see that “starvation mode” doesn’t happen that fast – the body still uses fat stores for energy when you deprive it of calories.

So I’m increasing my caloric intake by 600 calories. In the last 2 days I’ve lost almost 1 pound. I’m sure that’s not due to two days of increased calories, but rather a combination of things. Regardless, it’s giving me hope that I can do this.

I am finally seeing some real change in my body when I look at pictures. I can only assume that the increase in weight is from muscle gain/water retention, since I’ve clearly lost fat around my stomach.


04-02 and 05-07 front comparison04-02 and 05-07 side comparison









More and more I’m thinking I’m going to cut Zumba from my weekly exercises and just focus on strength training. With the weather warming up, I can walk during my breaks/lunch at work and make that my only cardio.

So, I’ve created another DietBet challenge of my own and the weigh-in days are this Saturday and Sunday, with the challenge officially starting on Monday. If you’d like to join this challenge, you can follow this link: http://bit.ly/104UjSA

*Edit from the author: I’d originally reported I’d be eating 300 calories more than I had been. However, I realized I’d done my TDEE calculations with the multiplier for exercise 3x/week, not 5x/week. I used the correct multiplier and have now increased my TDEE -20% intake.

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