DietBet – Week 4, Day 4

There’s an acronym on MyFitnessPal that pops up on the forums multiple times a day: NSV. Non Scale Victory. Sometimes people post that they received comments or compliments from their friends about their weight loss, sometimes the NSV is about being able to sit in a rollercoaster car and not feel squished, sometimes it’s inches lost. One gal posted the other day that she was on a field trip with her students at a fire station and her skirt fell down around her ankles, in front of EVERYONE!

Sometimes the NSV is fitting into old, smaller clothes that haven’t been worn in a long time. Today I had a similar victory.

I posted yesterday that I was finally seeing some real progress in my pictures, but the scale is very slowly showing a loss. And while I’m losing inches, my clothes don’t seem to be fitting any better than before. But today I put on a pair of pants that fit better than my usual slacks.

And here I offer a lesson to all who are trying to lose weight: NUMBERS DON’T MATTER! I’m not talking numbers on the scale. I’m talking clothing sizes, in particular dresses and pants. Almost all of my jeans and slacks are from one “designer:” Apt. 9 from Kohl’s. They tend to fit my mommy hips better than any other brand and don’t really look like “mommy jeans.”

Whenever a friend is complaining about their pants size going up, I always tell them not to worry about the number, just the fit. And here’s why: the pants I’m wearing today are 1 “size” larger than what I’ve been wearing. Designers are always messing with the number sizes of their clothes to keep up with the “average” waistline.

So today I’m wearing a pair of tan dress pants that are a size 12. I’m losing inches, losing fat and I’ve gone up a size in my pants. But these size 12 pants from 2 years ago are the equivalent of this year’s size 10 pants.

So forget the number sewn onto the back of your waistline. Go for what fits, feels good and looks good.

Because in the end, that’s all that really matters.

One thought on “DietBet – Week 4, Day 4

  1. jasmine formanek

    I actually have two pairs of the exact same limited pants one a size 6 and one a size 8. I recently pulled them out of the closet to put them on and realized the size 6 was actually comfy but the size 8 was tight. It’s crazy how much they can vary.


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