DietBet – Week 5, Day 5

So I’m down to three games this week. My own game ended Monday with my weight being higher than where I started. I keep telling myself that I’m losing weight the right way, by watching what I’m eating, increasing my activity and having a caloric deficit at the end of the day. So I didn’t win my first game. But I lost inches, and that’s good.

I used a different scale this morning to check my weight, so I’ll have to double weigh myself again tomorrow morning on my normal scale, but I like the results I got from today’s! And check out the stats for DietBet 3… remember the rules of the game? Lose 4% of your starting weight…



Current weight: 164.6 lbs
Time spent exercising: 1105 minutes

DietBet 2

DietBet 3

DietBet 4

Weigh-in weight




% gained or lost












-1.7 inches

-2.85 inches

-1.3 inches

-1 inch

-0.75 inches

-0.1 inches

-0.6 inches


I haven’t measured myself today, so my inch loss hasn’t changed. But I’m guessing by the progress pictures I’m about to show you, I’ve lost a little bit more. I look forward to measuring myself tonight.

Author’s edit: I measured myself this evening pre-workout. The numbers are now current.

I finally noticed a difference in my size today! Something about the way my shirt fit when I got dressed made me take a second glance in the mirror. Finally, FINALLY, some visible progress to match how hard I’ve been working!

This week I started Week 3 of Jillian Michaels’ “Ripped in 30” workout DVD. The workout session seems to go much faster than the previous 2 weeks, but Oh. My Goodness. This session is killer!! So much leg work I feel like I can hardly walk when I’m done! I’m not as sore the next day as I anticipated and I feel like I can do more (can’t keep the same pace as Jillian and her minions) and my form is better. I might go back to weeks 1 and 2 before I start week 4. But, man, oh man, am I seeing results.


6 week front comparison 04.02.13 thru 05.17.13


6 week side comparison 04.02.13 thru 05.17.13


And just in case there are doubts, I was NOT sucking in my stomach during today’s pictures! In fact, I kept thinking I wasn’t relaxed, that my stomach should have been rounder than that!

So my next game, my own game starts up late next week. I’m hoping that if I just keep doing what I’m doing (1800 caloric intake, Jillian Michaels, 160-170 grams of protein…) I’ll actually win at my own game! If you’d like to join me, you know what to do:


Author’s edit: Okay, so I can’t help myself. I had to put the first picture and today’s picture side-by-side. I’m sure I’m bragging or sounding conceited right now, but honestly, it’s just pride in myself and my accomplishments so far.

04.02.13 vs. 05.17.13

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