Disneyland has blue eggs, but why?

For a while now, I’ve noticed that in the planter between Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port and the entrance to Space Mountain, there are blue eggs, big blue eggs, poking out between the plants.

The planter starts at the back of Pizza Port and wraps up a bit into the FastPass side of the queue. They’re nice to look at, but I’m confused. Are these alien eggs? I’ve noticed them for a couple of years now, but how long have they been there?
I’ve done my share of searching on the internet, but I can’t find anyone’s explanation as to what these eggs are doing in Tomorrowland.
Do you or someone you know have any idea on the motivation behind these mysterious eggs? Or do you have a theory? I’d love to hear from anyone with any sort of clue to this mystery.

4 thoughts on “Disneyland has blue eggs, but why?

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  2. Anonymous


    Can you provide an update on these mystery eggs, with a recent photo? (so we can see how much they've grown since the last photo)

    But, if they were alien eggs, wouldn't they have hatched by now?

    Thank you,


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