Drumroll, please…


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7:30 AM Pacific

That’s when my blood draw is scheduled for my beta test (bhCG). The test that will verify that I have bhCG in my system, confirming pregnancy. I’ve used 6 standard tests, 1 digital test and countless mini tests; they all say I’m pregnant. The beta is the test for the IVF doctor to confirm.

When it comes to what numbers mean I’m pregnant, it varies by doctor. But it seems the average positive number is 25. But for someone who is supposed to be 4 weeks pregnant (like myself), that number can go as high as 400 or so.

The ladies in my surrogate support group all think that I am carrying twins since I tested positive on my HPT so early. While the beta test can’t tell for certain if I’m carrying twins, a much higher number than 400 can be an indicator. CAN, not IS.

The test results should be in anywhere from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM. So I’ll either be at lunch when I get the call or I could be unavailable due to a training I’m leading from 1:00 PM until 3:00 PM.

(hint to my boys: regardless of whether the nurse says she has reached me, please send me a text message with the results if you are still awake when they come in!)

So stay tuned! I’ll update this section as soon as I can (I know you surro mamas are just dying to know what my number is).


So the interwebs had a lovely glitch and scheduled me for a 7:30 appointment at a lab that doesn’t start until 8:00. I’m hoping that being one of the first here means my labs will be done faster!

The results are in! Just waiting for a response from the boys and then I’ll post it here!

My bhCG level was 749! I’m “officially” pregnant! Nurse said that they can’t know for sure, but that high of a number can mean twins! So, even the nurse is willing to say it!

One extra note, mostly for myself: my progesterone level was at 39.7 and my estradiol was at 406 (nurse says that’s good). I’m to continue my daily and every-three-days injections until instructed otherwise. I’ll do a repeat bhCG test next Thursday. bhCG is supposed to double every 72 hours, so in theory my level will be around 3990 by then

8 thoughts on “Drumroll, please…

  1. Mom

    You know how people say, “There’s no such thing as being just a little bit pregnant.”? Well, maybe not, but you seem to be VERY pregnant! Woo Hoo!!!

  2. The happy boys

    We are very very very happy !!!!!
    You are an extraordinary person and we are blessed to have you.
    We are also very grateful to all your followers for their kind comments and supports.
    This is going to be an amazing journey!
    Merci du fond du coeur
    K & M

  3. Linda Thorpe

    You are one AMAZING personand I look forward to reading your blog everyday… Congrats… (Not sure if you remember me be I am Jackie Myers Sister-In-Law, family member of your other Kidney).

    1. MomOfRose Post author

      Yes, Linda, I remember you! I was very glad to reconnect with you on Facebook. I am so very excited for this pregnancy. Knowing that I am helping two wonder people become parents is one of the best feelings in the world!


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