Dude Needs A New Dictionary

I just can’t seem to help myself: even though I know I am not ever going to meet the person who messages me like this from a dating site, I feel it is my duty as a woman to try to teach them how to respect the women guys like this are trying to date.

“Hi Wanna come over?”

Oh yes!! I absolutely love going over to strangers’ homes! Are you crazy??

“I’m glad to hear that n no I’m not crazy wanna cuddle n watch a movie? Talk on the phone first?”

Clearly sarcasm flies over your head. There is no way I am going to go to a stranger’s house on a whim.

“Wanna meet for coffee first or talk on the phone?”

Sure! Let me just drop my daughter off at the cheapest babysitter I can find last minute to go meet some guy who automatically assumes I’m going to go hang out at his house knowing nothing about him at all!

“I think the sarcasm flew over my head again lol. What would u like to know? I’m J**** nice to meet u”

I’m not interested

“I think is you get to know me you will fall in love with me. What kind of movies do you like?”

I think you need to learn the rules about respecting women and learning ‘no means no.’

“I love ur profile u seem like a very mature and caring person with a big heart that’s very attractive and I think u should give yourself more credit when it comes to your beauty. I used to be a singer n hold a masters degree in education…maybe if we had coffee we could get to know each other better in person.”

Maybe if your first message to me said exactly that and you did not suggest that I come over to your house without knowing you I may have taken you up on your offer to meet for coffee. But the way you approached this entire situation is a complete turn off for me and I am not interested in getting to know you any more.

“Do u like to cuddle n watch movies? What kind of movies do u like?”

*I think his dictionary is missing the words “no,” “respect,” and “sarcasm.”

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