First Pictures (First Ultrasound)


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10:30 AM

My first ultrasound post-transfer is set for 10:30 AM this morning.

Mom and I will be driving up to the clinic in L.A. together. The boys are back home, so the plan is to try to have them on speakerphone during the ultrasound. It would be great if we could FaceTime or Skype, but I don’t think the clinic has WiFi and I’m not sure the boys will be near a computer. So, speakerphone and emailed pictures will have to suffice.

In theory this ultrasound should show how many babies I’ve got growing in there; because we implanted two embryos, assuming both “stuck,” they will each have their own sac and that should be visible. There is also a good chance we could detect the heartbeat(s)!

I’ll be taking pictures with my phone (and I’m hoping the clinic will print out pictures) and posting them here after the boys get to hear the doctor confirm the ultrasound and I can email the pictures to them.

So excited!

Updates and pictures will be posted here; keep checking back!


The results are in!


One healthy baby measuring 2 days ahead of schedule! The boys are thrilled (at least from what I could see during our Skype session after the ultrasound) and they and I will be receiving “official” pictures from the clinic later today, so I’ll post those if I have time before my date tonight.

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