Fun in the Workplace

I’m a big supporter of having fun at work, regardless of where you are employed. Well, ok, maybe not if you work at a funeral parlor, but just about anywhere else. I think there should always be some aspect of your job that is fun, even in a seemingly boring insurance job. Maybe it’s the actual duties you perform that are fun, like when I worked at Disneyland helping out at Mickey Mouse’s house. Maybe it’s the work environment, like good music playing in the background. Maybe it’s your boss. For me, my fun is my boss.

THIS boss. It’s no secret that I was looking for another job about 2 years ago; I was so stressed and unfufilled with my previous manager that I was willing to go just about anywhere else. Just after I had an interview at another company, management shifted in my department and I had a new boss, “Chris.”

Chris and I hit it off right away. When I met with him to get to know his personality and so he could get to know me, I told him that I didn’t want to be his assistant, that I wanted his job. He smiled, laughed loudly and told me he was glad to know that I aspired to move up in the company. The way things were handled was changed and I ended my job search.

Since then we’ve been getting along famously. He asks of my opinion almost daily and takes my suggestions seriously. When we create something new for our team, he gives me due credit to his superiors. Knowing that I’m a single mom, he’s as flexible and accomodating as he can be. He doesn’t treat me like I’m beneath him, he treats me like a peer. But the best part about our “relationship” is the way we joke with each other.

Today, for instance, we joked about him getting me a date from a tablecloth. Chris told me that he spoke to a counterpart of mine about getting new tablecloths for our marketing events. I told him that I had wanted to get a tablecloth for my kitchen for a long time and bright blue was just the right color. Knowing that I’ve been losing weight, he told me I could make myself a pair of pants with it. I retorted back that I’d make sure to have the company logo across my behind. Laughing, he sarcastically said, “Yeah, that’ll get you dates in a heartbeat!” I told Chris that maybe it would get him some more business and then he can afford to buy me a date.

Sure, not funny to most of the world, but to Chris and me, it’s funny because we can laugh about silly things, because we can talk about everything. He trusts me and I trust him, and the end result is that we can talk more than “shop.” We can make things fun. That’s one of the things I love about my job. The fun.

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