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2012 NOH8 Photo Shoot in Anaheim, CA. Showing off my French bebe!

This is a personal blog. I am not an expert in any field. All posts are my personal feelings and experiences.

I’m a single mom of one sweet little girl, live in Orange County and work for a Fortune 25 insurance company (and just passed my 7-year mark!) assisting the Medicare sales team for Orange County. I used to head the Christian Education committee and now head the Communications committee at my church. I love to sing, dance, read, camp and sleep in. I am a stickler when it comes to grammar and spelling and love that my daughter shares my passion, too. I always give people the benefit of the doubt and will play “Devil’s Advocate” on any issue, just to challenge myself and the person I’m debating with.

I am not an expert in any field, but some of my passions are parenting, music and Christology, two of which are the basis of this blog. I welcome any and all comments on my posts as they encourage me to learn more about the crazy world around me!

Totally obnoxious “didn’t need to know that” facts about me:

*There are no such thing as musical coincidences.

*I prefer pink glittering polish on my fingernails

*I could totally live on just pasta, olive oil and garlic salt

*I still sleep with a stuffed animal; a good friend gave it to me when I was just past the age where I should want/need a stuffed animal

*I laugh way too loud, but I do not snort like my sister

*Hearing my sister’s snort will always make me laugh louder and harder

*I blush when someone gives me a compliment, deserved or not

*Except for birthdays and holidays where it’s expected, I get unbelievably uncomfortable if someone gives me a gift or pays my way for something.

Here are some other tidbits that may or may not sway you to keep reading this blog:

  • Born and raised in Orange County, CA, briefly lived in San Diego County, CA and Cowlitz County, WA
  • Used to dance ballet, tap and jazz until both knees were injured in junior high
  • Traveled to New York City with my high school choir to perform in Carnegie Hall
  • Only have 1 kidney
  • Performed with Rosemary Clooney
  • Have 4 tattoos
  • Performed with Tony Bennett
  • Have attended the same church all my life
  • Have 8 piercings
  • Can wiggle both ears simultaneously and independently
  • Love bugs and spiders but hate ants with a passion
  • Very grateful for my parents, sister and brother-in-law and church family for their continuous support
  • Proud card-carrying single parent since my separation (and subsequent divorce) from my husband in 2005
  • I prefer wine over any other type of alcohol
  • Very open and honest; what you read is who I am
  • Proud Pirates of the Caribbean fan
  • Proud of who my daughter is becoming; I can only hope I can continue to guide her down the right path

Cast of characters (pseudonyms are used to protect the not-so-innocent):

Me: you just learned all you really need to know by reading the upper section of this page.

Em: my daughter, 9 years old.

Mom: my mother, she watches my daughter after school

Dad: my dad, he teaches my daughter how to simultaneously pun and roll her eyes

Sister: my sister, frequently mistakes my daughter for a monkey

BIL: my brother-in-law, known for keeping Em up past her bedtime and allowing her to play for hours on his iPhone

Adam: very close friend since before age 10, twice a former boyfriend

Ronnie: close friend from church events, known for “kidnapping” my daughter to various fun places

Opal: associate minister at my church

Auntie B: my dad’s sister, lives hours away but visits frequently

The Boys: two wonderful parents in the UK for whom I was a surrogate

Mary: One-third of a fabulous family in my church that is quickly becoming part of my family. Mary, her wife and her daughter are on my list of people I have to see at least once a week in order to stay sane.

Brad: A former friend and ex-boyfriend whose trust and friendship I destroyed with my insecurity and paranoia.

Jake: ex-husband

4 thoughts on “Get to Know Me

    1. MomOfRose Post author

      Well, thank you for the compliment, Mike. However, if you’ll look at my “Cast of Characters,” you’ll see that I’m in a relationship.

    1. MomOfRose Post author

      Ha! I’m not sure I’ve written about you yet. The above names have all been mentioned in a post or two.

      What kind of post should I write about the fabulous Nelsons… Hmm. :)


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