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Gettting Personal

Giving is very personal to me, as well as very important. I give to my church and I make it an automatic deduction from my checking account so that I don’t “forget” to give; I just budget for it like it’s a utility bill. I also frequently bag up all of Em’s too-small clothes and take them to Goodwill. And when the food bank bins come out at work, I buy a few extra things when I go grocery shopping to help feed those less fortunate that I.

I also personally feel that giving should be a bit of a sacrifice, giving a little bit more than you feel you can.

However, as a single parent it’s sometimes hard to give. Some months I just don’t have that extra few dollars to spend on food for the food bank bins.

But there’s a type of giving that I do every chance I get. I donate blood.

If God made my body with the ability to produce more blood when I need it, then why couldn’t I, why shouldn’t I, donate it to those who really need it.

We hear it all the time on TV and radio stations: there’s a shortage of blood. Many people donate when there’s a major catastrophe and the need is bigger than ever. But there’s really never enough. And I have plenty.

Every day we hear about car accidents or folks battling cancer. Sometimes the people we hear about are people we actually know. When people get sick or hurt, they often need blood. Think about the people in your life who you know are not well. Think about the fact that there’s a blood shortage and whether or not that person you know if going to get any blood.

As long as you’re in good health, you can donate. It takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. 30 minutes to save a life. 30 minutes a few times a year.

Think about it.

There are also other giving opportunites. I’ve also registered as a bone marrow donor. A longer process but with great results, just like donating blood. I’ve not had the opportunity to donate marrow yet. But I’ll be ready when I’m called.

And I’ve donated a kidney. NOT that I’m advocating running to your nearest hospital and offering your kidney to the first sick person you see, but I do suggest considering the option if you learn of someone you know who is in need of a kidney transplant. Live-donor kidneys tend to function better in the recipient’s body than kidneys harvested from a recently-rendered-brain-dead donor. This donation process is much longer than bone marrow or blood, as is the recovery, but I repeat my earlier statement: giving should be a sacrifice.

If you’d like to know more about blood donation, click here to be taken to the Red Cross website.

If you’d like to know more about bone marrow donation, click here to be taken to the National Marrow Donor Program website.

If you’d like to know more about kidney donation, click here to be taken to the National Kidney Foundation website.

I hope you take some time to think about giving. Whether it’s bone marrow, blood or to a local charity, any gift you can give to really make a difference in someone’s life is a gift worth celebrating.

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