Good Thing THAT Wasn’t Awkward…

Ever say something you immediately regretted? Of course, we all have. Usually it’s because we didn’t mean what we said or it came across in the wrong tone of voice. What if you really DID mean what you said, but the context, timing or place was wrong? I managed to hit all three.


I said something to “Brad” today that I really did mean wholeheartedly. The context was wrong, thrown into the conversation as a comparison to something that REALLY doesn’t hold a candle to Brad. The timing was wrong because the conversation was happening after a long day for Brad, just before he went to bed. And the place was wrong: over the Internet versus in person.


Take the words I wrote and put them in a time when we are physically together, not distracted by end-of-day stress release and in a conversation that had worked its way into the topic: everything just might have sounded perfect.


Unless of course the timing was still bad. As in too soon.


But what is “too soon?” Whose rules am I supposed to be using to decide what I should or should not say? The only person who has a say in how fast or slow things go is Brad.


And I’m not sure what he thinks of what I said. In a panic, I quickly followed my words with, “Uh, that came out weird. Feel free to ignore that.” His response? “haha, it’s fine, I get what you meant.” So…? Does that mean he’s not ready to hear what I said? Or that he feels the same way and understood that what I said came out at the wrong time? Do I want to know? That’s a conversation for when he’s NOT nearly 5000 miles away. I think. Maybe?


Yeah, not awkward AT ALL.


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