Yesterday’s sermon was a rerun. A “viewer’s choice” rerun. A most welcome rerun that had me crying in my pew.

The sermon was about Grace. Not about a person¬†named Grace, but about being a person seeking and giving Grace. About knowing what is required to receive Grace. About making sure you have someone in your life who gives you Grace when you need it and you don’t think you deserve it.


Grace is not always eloquent like the father’s speech when the prodigal son returned home and begged for forgiveness for his mistakes and sins.

Sometimes grace is a short sentence, whispered repeatedly in your ear so you are sure to hear it between sobs.

“It’s okay.”

Grace is full of love – of acceptance – ¬†and it doesn’t take big words or phrases to make sure Grace is understood. The right tone and consistency can make the smallest words sound like a big, omniscient announcement.


My Grace yesterday came in the form of a patient, loving, soft, warm, 6’7″ hug.

One thought on “Grace

  1. Jazmine

    My grace came the day you held me in church and just let me cry. I had lost my Grandmother and a dear family friend within one week of each other, and you being willing to just stand there and hold me while I cried was God in action. I will always remember your kindness, gentleness and compassion in my moment of need. Thank you. :)


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