I’m Still Cute

“Wow was iy hard to let go of your baby”

“She wasn’t mine. It was the sperm of one of the dads and an egg donor. All I did was carry her for nine months.

“Still yours lol silly”

No, not mine at all. No genetic link whatsoever. It’s like babysitting: you watch the kid for a while and then you give it back.

“What she came out of you right you carried her without your egg and his sperm no baby..yes yours”

No, not mine. She’s mine as much as she is yours. You had no contribution, neither did I.

“So u just gave egg indont get it”

No. His sperm, a different egg donor. Made an embryo, put it in me, like a transplant. I just grew her.

“You still cute”

Well, I’m glad my ability to produce children for other people has not affected my attractiveness. What?

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