It’s Fun To Mess With Their Heads

So far during this surrogacy journey, people have been overwhelmingly supportive and excited to learn what I’m doing. When someone new tells me “congratulations” upon finding out I’m pregnant, I thank them and then smile and say, “it’s not mine.” Some people understand right away and some take a few heartbeats to figure it out. But these are people I see on a regular basis or have some steady contact with. I haven’t met any strangers who ask me when I’m due, though I’m not very big yet so I’m sure that’ll come soon enough. I did, however, get to mess with some heads this past weekend.

I went to Fry’s Electronics to return a malfunctioning product and when I found something to replace it, I stood in the long line for the checkout desk. Behind me in line were two men. One was trying to decide whether or not to buy his girlfriend The Avengers on DVD since she’d mentioned wanting it some weeks before. I joined their conversation only by turning my head and telling him he should get it for her. I said that I really liked the movie and that my boyfriend and I saw it together just before we started dating…

And then I turned around to face them. Instantly their eyes were on my stomach and I swear I could see the gears in their heads trying to do the math on when The Avengers came out in theaters and how far along I might be in my pregnancy. It was quite amusing! I don’t know what they thought about me and my belly, and frankly I don’t care. The looks on their faces were PRICELESS!

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