It’s Not Because I’m A B!tch…

In my office, the most frustrating moment for me is when people don’t follow instructions. And not because the instructions were hard to understand, but because these people didn’t want to follow them.

We are preparing for our busiest time of the year and I am required to enter shifts for events into a system to comply with certain government regulations. The company tells my counterparts and me how to gather the shift information.

This is what our data must start on:

Streamlined spreadsheet

Streamlined spreadsheet


I pre-filled out columns A-H and P-U; all these folks needed to do was decide when their shifts would be and fill in columns I-O.

That’s it.

Today, I received two files from folks, “ready” to be input.

Not the form 1

Nice layout, but no.

Not the form2

I like the colors, but no.


I don’t make up these spreadsheets for fun. Sure, I make up other spreadsheets for fun, but not when it comes to data entry. I follow the rules, explain the rules, and then expect others to follow those rules.

I sent emails back to these folks asking them to fill out the original form I sent them. NOT because I’m a b!tch and am angry that they didn’t do it themselves, but because I have 26 more of these forms I have to translate from form to system. This time of year, I don’t have the time to redo the work someone else agreed to do.


Update: August 23
I received this gem today. Not only is it NOT what was asked for, it’s a PDF, and I don’t know what they did, but I can’t even copy/paste!


Pretty, but useless

Pretty, but useless
















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