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Just don’t call the cops…

Yesterday was full of action! My legal clearance went through and I got a calendar from the fertility clinic! If all goes according to plan, the embryo transfer date will be mid-January! There will be multiple trips to labs to check out my hormone levels, trips to the clinic to get ultrasounds to make sure I’m “ripening” properly…

And of course, there are these:

Most of that pile is syringes and needles. Good thing I don’t mind needles!

Luckily for me, I love my mom. Because she’s the one who’ll be injecting me with all this stuff!! She’s given shots before so that’s no issue, and we already see each other 6 days out of the week; what’s one more?

And I think my calendar is going to explode! Between the daily shots, the daily pills, the once-every-three-days shots, the changes in dosage, the stopping of pills, the stopping of shots, the labs and ultrasounds…

It’s a good thing they put you on a short bed-rest right after the transfer; this is gonna be an exhausting ride!

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