Just the beginning

It’s all starting out so well.

1st date: perfect combination of nervousness, comfortable, fun, memorable.

Almost-nightly conversations on likes, favorites, firsts, insecurities.

2nd date: unmarred by delays and mistakes. Just spending time together is the important part. Talking and laughing. LOTS of talking and laughing. Fumbled opportunities that have me yelling at myself for being a bonehead, and wanting to be given a second chance NOW to make up for it. Why does time have to move so quickly? I hate being restrained by time. Places closing, long drives home. Unfinished thoughts, plans and conversations. There’s just not enough time. Never enough time.

Little things: My name. Softly spoken compliments. Eye contact. Accidental skin contact. Not-so-accidental skin contact. Closeness. Purposeful closeness. Chivalry. Inclusion. Laughter. Teasing.

Why do the miles have to be so many?

Why does time have to be so fleeting?

I’m falling. Hard.
Maybe I have already fallen.

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