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Lazy Saturdays

As a single parent, it’s sometimes hard to balance fun and housework. I can’t afford a house-cleaner, so all scrubbing, cleaning, mending, mopping, laundry, etc. falls on my daughter and me. It can take a long time to get everything done and it usually eats up the whole morning and part of the afternoon. Which makes getting anything done OUTSIDE of the house impossible. And fun? What’s that?

So Em and I have a schedule. Every other Saturday, the Saturday I DON’T get my paycheck, we do laundry and housecleaning. The laundry room is literally on the other side of Em’s bedroom wall, so if no one else is using it, we can get all of our clothes, sheets and towels washed and dried in an hour-and-a-half. While the laundry is going, I vacuum, clean the counters with 409, Windex the kitchen table, scrub the toilet, clean the bathroom counters and the shower and Em sweeps and mops the kitchen and bathroom floors and dusts the whole apartment.

It’s a lot of work for one day, but it ensures that the NEXT Saturday (the payday Saturday) is free for doing other things. Like today, for example. A free Zumba class for me in the early afternoon, a late lunch with a friend, the ever necessary oil change for then car and getting supplies for Em’s project for school. And before all this I got to sleep in, make “homemade” cinnamon rolls and just enjoy the morning while Em wrote and colored thank-you notes to folks for some gifts she’d received.

A regular schedule is critical to kids, it helps give them stability and a sense of control. And a schedule is critical to parents to make planning easier.

And a schedule helps things get done so you actually have more “me” time other than the few hours after the kid goes to bed each night.

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